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David Hanscom MD
Hi Giants Fan, I'm a lifelong Indians and Browns fan so you know my true pain, but I love the Buckeyes so there is statewide sports recompense.

The confusion over pain and ill health doesn't come from professionals who don't believe in TMS. They alone marginalize themselves through their misguided beliefs. The confusion comes from those who claim to be "TMS" practitioners and then state opposing views to Dr. Sarno's work. Every day the TMS professionals have to answer questions from sufferers who have been confused over this vs. that. It is now tiresome.

My position is to keep the true message going, as it continues to work every day, in every way. But there is the occasional, "Dr. Sarno isn't the only way!" That's true... and it isn't. The placebo is the most powerful mechanism in all of healing. "Ways and methods" may work occasionally, but as long as the cause remains, suffering is on the next horizon. This is why Dr. Sarno is still the latest and greatest.

He found the cause

Whichever path anyone may choose may take them to interesting destinations, but what they don't want will return when they need it most. At that point it's back to the basics again, and TMS: the revolutionary discovery.

Be aware of people saying that TMS is a neurological disorder, it is not.
Be aware of people saying you have to journal to heal, you do not.
Be aware of anything not referred to as TMS, it isn't.

And then rest easy, because anyone can heal. I've seen some amazing healings that I would enjoy sharing with everyone some day.