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Can't figure out my suppressed emotions

Thanks Andy for your reply,

What I noticed is that I'm constantly scanning for danger. When I have a good day and my symptoms are more at the background, I notice that quite often I find something else to worry about. It feels like my mind is addicted to thinking about all possible threats and how to solve them so I can be 'safe'. It's almost like thinking about my symptoms or other problems in my life gives me (a false) sense of control and thus safety. It makes me wonder; could fear be the main emotion that's causing my TMS?

I've read that anger is often the main thing we suppress, but I can't really relate suppressing anger to my symptoms. I totally fit the TMS profile of being a 'goodist' and 'perfectionist' and I do feel that those traits creates inner tention due to holding in a lot of anger and frustration. But I can't find the connection to my pain to those emotions. I have had years with very little symptoms and these traits were still there. So why did the severe pain came back now? I'm more aware of these emotions than I ever was before and let myself feel them and try not to fight them, so if anger was at the root of my problems my symptoms should have been reduced and not increased?

Could it be since my life is going relatively well and I have less distractions in my outer world, that my unconscious mind maintains symptoms and pain because my mind doesn't have other issues to 'chew' on? So that the pain is not a distraction perse, but more something I maintain because my mind hyper focusses on possible threats in order to feel 'safe' and therefore I created the wrong 'neuro pathways' that keeps my pain and symptoms alive? This might relate to what @BloodMoon wrote about a 'habitual strain of tension'.

Looking forward to your thoughts!