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Free 30-day meditation program

30-day Introduction to Meditation

Daniel G Lyman, LCSW

Before you begin, let me just say that I completely understand that most of you do not want to meditate and find it quite difficult. I’m right there with you. I created this program after years of working with clients who have said that meditation (despite the fact that they know it’s incredibly beneficial for them) is just too hard. In my own life, I think of meditating as equivalent to eating your vegetables when you’re a kid. Even though you don’t want to do it, you know it’s good for you. So with that, please eat your vegetables. And practice meditation.

The following meditation program is designed to be completed in 30 consecutive days. I have broken down a standard breathing meditation into 5 separate steps (or “cycles”), starting with the simplest and building in complexity. Practice each cycle two times a day (preferably in the morning and afternoon, but anytime is okay). Do not jump ahead in cycles. Even if the meditation seems too simplistic or boring. Meditation is not about achievement, but instead is about practice. You will not gain necessary experience by jumping ahead. You can do this 30-day program at the same time as other TMS recovery programs, but I would not combine it with other meditation programs.

If the idea of meditating is new to you, you should know that meditation is perhaps the single most powerful tool we have to help our own mental and physical health. Thousands of studies have demonstrated that a daily meditation practice can help immensely with anxiety and depression (and with the catastrophic thinking that so many of us in the TMS community deal with), and practitioners around the world have been meditating for thousands of years.

This particular meditation cycle is geared towards those of us in the TMS community, but purposefully does not specifically mention physical symptoms. Know that this program can and will help you overcome TMS.

Finally, a word for when you’ve completed all 5 cycles:

While each cycle is designed to get more complex and bring you towards a deeper meditation, each cycle can stand alone just fine. If you complete all 30 days and decide that any one particular cycle works better for a regular practice of meditation, that is absolutely okay. Any meditation is better than no meditation at all, so do what works for you!

Practice Cycle 1 two times a day on Days 1-4

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Practice Cycle 2 two times a day on Days 5-8

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Practice Cycle 3 two times a day on Days 9-12

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Practice Cycle 4 two times a day on Days 13-20

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Practice Cycle 5 two times a day on Days 21-30

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