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Please Advise - Stuck in the Symptom Imperative and Worsening of Symptoms
There is one thing I have to add to Jan’s and birdsetfree wise comments and it this - listen to the pain. Obviously just ignoring it makes it move somewhere else. Just like a child just wants to be heard or it will continue persisting, your pain wants to be heard. TMS = telling me something. Try this: mediate for ten minutes. In meditation, visualize your pain. What does it look like, how big, what color, etc...then, ask your pain what it wants. Believe it or not, it will answer, well, because the pain is coming from your sub-concious. When it tells you, listen and then whatever it is, tell your brain that you appreciate the protection and that you forgive it for not listening. Then say I love you and repeat, “Thank you for the warning, but I’m OK and not in an any danger.” Say this 10 times.

I did this with my therapist and it was extremely therapeutic. I’’ve been doing this for a week now and it helps a lot. The pain, aka, your brain, just wants to be heard. If it’s something that needs processing, this is the time to identify it, process it, then let it go. Nichole Sachs is a wonderful source for this. I’ve tried her technique, Sarnos, Schubiner’s, Ozanich, and more.

One more thing: Accept what is - right now - and embrace TMS, Don’t battle against it, work with it. After all, it’s your brain trying to do what it does best: protect your from uncomfortable feelings and emotions, or traumatic experiences that it fears will do more harm than the pain. You have to gently let it know it’s not needed anymore and that you don’t fear the pain or symptoms. Right now, this is my major issue with nausea and IBS symptoms. I did this with pain and it’s largely gone, but the symptom imperative is strong. Couple that with menopause, and my TMS is having a field day.:confused: However, I have the tools necessary now to deal with it, even though I get frustrated at times, thinking it will never end. (the fear talking)

Remember, your brain does this because it’s what it knows (conditioning) and once the new neural pathways have been laid, you can control how they are fed - by fear or by faith.

It’s up to you. :)