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Avoiding Foot Surgery Interview with Andy Bayliss
I'm not good at regularly listening to podcasts, but as you know if you've read this whole thread (and I recommend that you do) I became an instant fan of Eddy Lindenstein's The Mind and Fitness Podcast when Andy first started this thread after he did an interview with Eddy in April. Today I dipped back in and picked out a title that intrigued me, and I am once again blown away at what Eddy is doing and the TMS/mindbody topics he's managing to address in depth. Every week, people!

First I listened to #069 "Lizard Brain" and that's a really good one (and easy to take in at only 17 minutes) but the one that blew my mind is #70, his hour+ interview with Dan Buglio - and folks, you have to listen to this. Just as Eddy and Andy did in the podcast that initiated this thread, Eddy and Dan manage to cover SO many important issues, and I'll have to listen again to remember them all, but here are some: many examples of the emotional component of symptoms, how to properly "rule out the physical", how to realistically assess imaging (MRIs, etc) and surgery advice, how to journal effectively, raising emotionally aware children, and really great descriptions of (and I am totally using my own words to try to get this across) how our brains sabotage us, fool us, keep us stuck, and distract us with symptoms which are supposedly less dangerous than our true emotions. I didn't hear a single thing today that I didn't agree with or resonate with.

I get The Mind and Fitness Podcast using Google Podcasts on my phone, or Google Play on my PC.
On Audioboom it's at https://audioboom.com/posts/7259560-070-dan-buglio (Audioboom / 070 - Dan Buglio)
And as Eddy says: "get it on iTunes(Apple Podcasts), Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, or wherever"

Do yourself a favor and listen NOW.