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Alan G. How to get rid of your pain in 7 minutes
That's an amazing session, Alan, thanks for sharing it with us.

With Alan's help, I've added the clip to the TMS Recovery Program that Alan contributed:
It provides a roadmap for managing the deeper issues that cause our TMS. The first section, part I, provides the most important three steps for rapidly overcoming your TMS through learning about TMS. Dr. Sarno said that this "knowledge education" approach works for about 80% of his patients, but 20% need deeper work. The second section, part II, gives you the best tools you can have to do this work on your own. The skills it teaches are vital and are all presented clearly, concisely, and in an inspiring manner:
  1. Generate Self Compassion
  2. Recognize Destructive Behaviors
  3. Identify Source of Abuse
  4. Mindfulness
  5. Address Repression
  6. Identify Source of Repression
  7. Feel Your Feelings
  8. Stand Up to the Inner Bully
  9. Provide Comfort
  10. Prioritize Yourself
  11. Attend to Your Internal State
  12. Take a Loving Stance
It's some of the very best content on the site and I just wish that more people read it and then applied it. Many of the stumbling blocks that I see people getting caught in could have been avoided if they had made a habit of reading the program every month and thinking about how each step applied to them.

So if you haven't read it recently, reread it! It's powerful stuff and maybe you'll have a 7 minute recovery as well. :) (It's probably pretty clear, but I'm just thrilled to have it on the site.)