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These soothing activities are the very things that will resolve your TMS.

Remember Sarno identified the rage-to-soothe ratio. We could express it more like this;

TMS: Pleasure/relief/distraction.

Or in nervous system terms;

Sympathetic: Parasympathetic.

Or maybe this;

Sensitised: Calm and Restful.

Or finally;

TMS and Stress: Your Beautiful Life.

To reach the sublimity you need only pour your love, light and energy into the good stuff on the right-hand side of every ratio. When you demur, defer, avoid or delay you are feeding the left.

Hell: Lull.

No more exhausting erratic ups and downs, no more emotional rollar-coasting, just a gentle coming to centre, to balance.

@Ellen's gorgeous reply is all right side wisdom:

Coming to the centre.
The ":"
Looking to left and its madness.
Looking to the right and its peace.

The relaxed saunter into the lush green valleys and hills of healing.

About this...

Can you see how all this is is a crazy bull rush back to left? All you need do is get out of your own way.

Plum x