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What causes MBS based low libido/sexual dysfunction?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by selenium17, Aug 30, 2023.

  1. selenium17

    selenium17 New Member

    I've been reading unlearn your pain by Howard Schubiner and it's been enlightening for what's caused my pelvic floor pain. I'd read The Way Out last year but continued to have symptoms; I realized it's because the book hadn't actually convinced me because it didn't give a deep enough explanation of what was causing my pelvic floor issues. After having a deeper understanding, I've seen my symptoms already get better on their own (though still a long way to go).

    I haven't found his model enough to make me feel convinced that my sexual dysfunction symptoms issues are actually mbs. My symptoms:
    - very low libido
    - can get erections just fine (viagra didn't make things more enjoyable) but orgasms are much much less enjoyable than they used to be
    - low attraction to women
    - much less enjoyment of cuddling than I'd have expected when I was younger. I just don't feel much from physical contact

    My understanding of what called PF issues is:
    unresolved internal subconscious conflict -> ANS activation -> ACC activation -> pelvic floor muscles tensing and pain signals -> upset and nervous about issuess -> symptoms get worse

    I don't understand how ANS activation would cause the above issues. I can see that it could. But it's hard for me to actually genuinely believe it without more detail on how this works. Anyone able to chime in?
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi @selenium17
    There is so much in what you have written.
    First let me say that sexuality and sexual attraction is a continuum. Some people desire partners but are not necessarily sexually attracted to anyone or don’t become attracted until they are in a long term relationship. It’s just who they are and there is nothing at all wrong with this. Some people prefer to be alone with no life partner. Again, I don’t think there is a problem there unless you feel it is.
    TMS Pelvic floor symptoms are equal to any and all tms symptoms in that ALL tms symptoms have the same cause. The first thing is your reaction to stress. Dr. Schubiner has recently discussed that first reaction is subconscious, and our conscious reaction happens a second or two later. That is what begins activating the ANS. The ANS is a responsive system and doesn’t do its job unless directed by the brain.
    This is why Dr. Sarno talks about belief, you must convince your most primitive brain that stress in most situations is safe so it doesn’t ring these alarm bells constantly. We also need to learn to sense the misfiring of alarm bells - when you have symptoms, and re-wire those neural circuits consciously too so that symptoms when they do arise, fade quickly.
    Dr. Sarno says Think Psychological -meaning that always comes first.
    The films on this page (scroll down) explain the science exactly.

    https://ppdassociation.org/symptoms (Symptoms — Psychophysiologic Disorders Association)
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  3. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    I also meant to share this tms and men’s pelvic and sexual health talk with you.
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  4. zclesa

    zclesa Well known member

    Also, when you're in fight-flight-freeze mode, all non-essential-to-survival functions can shut down. Like you're not gonna be thinking about getting snuggly and having sex if you're running from a threat (which, in this case, is unconscious emotional content/conflict).

    I'm female and in the last 2 years of having symptoms, I have only had 3 periods, which were all related to times I went on holiday and was relaxed. I am not of an age where I am menopausal, so it's due to the constant mind-body stress I am under. Same with being "in the mood" and having good orgasms. It only happens when I'm super-relaxed and having a break from symptoms. I never used to have these issues before my symptoms started.

    My symptoms have included pelvic pain at times, but most of mine are head/face/ear-related. The specific symptoms are not that relevant. It's all caused by the same mechanisms. But, yes, you can totally lose sex drive and pleasure from being in a constant state of stress.
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