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Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Kalina, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Kalina

    Kalina Newcomer

    Hi, I'm new here, just starting my recovery journey.
    I've been suffering from chronic pain pretty much since I remember. I had very bad digestive issues as a child, then depression and anxiety joined in and in my twenties I had the most horrendous headaches. After ten years headaches stopped only to change into back pain and it's been the main source of pain for the last ten years. Like many of you I've tried everything and nothing worked long term, sometimes I'd get temporary relief. Because I have scoliosis I was convinced my pain is structural. But now I know it's not and after reading doctor Sarno's book once again I'm finally ready to fully accept it's TMS, my spine is fine, it's safe to come back to physical activities. I used to be very active person, dancing a lot, cycling, climbing, walking for miles with heavy rucksack, all the things my doctors said I shouldn't do and wouldn't be able to do because of my scoliosis. All this things didn't cause any pain, being a stubborn tenager I simply ignored medical advice and did them anyway. And when pain came I stopped doing them.
    I know it's TMS, because pain is very inconsistent, moves around, goes to my joints, hips, stomach etc. Sometimes, especially since I've been doing this work for last couple of weeks, disappeares completely for minutes, hours or even whole day.
    I'm very hopeful and excited and of course little scared, as I've tried so many things in the past only to end up disappointed and poorer.
    I'm very grateful for this community as I can't really talk about it with anyone and TMS is not recognised in my country.
    Thank you for listening to my story

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