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Weird Symptoms.

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Samson, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Samson

    Samson Newcomer

    Hi,I am 19 years old male.
    My whole life i had headaches,ibs,joint hypermobility and joint pain i developed migraine headaches when i was 14 years old.
    In 2012. my migraine stoped but i started to feel weird neurological symptoms(spaced out,dizzines,head pressure etc) that lasted for 2 weeks and than dissapered.
    Period from 2012-2014 was very hard for me,i quit highschool because of depression,anxiety and bullying.
    In 2014 my neurological symptoms become chronic and lasted for 2 years (head pressure,brain fog,headaches,pain in muscles,pain in neck,stiffed neck,sensitive eyes,tinitus,ibs,depression,dizzines,anxiety...)
    I was at the end i didnt see light at the end but on christmas 2016 i become christian and prayed for healing.
    Christianity gave me security and i stoped fearing my symptoms and immedietly my symptoms got better and i was almost symptom free for a month.
    Now 1 year later i was still 70% better than i was on the beggining but i still have some problems.
    My neck is still stiff from time to time,i got brain fog from time to time,headaches etc etc.
    My biggest problems are (chiropractor convinced me that i have atlas subluxation and because of thst i hsve uneven shoulder,hips and leg lenght also i have popping in my neck,,because of that i afraid of physical activity and i think too much on my atlas and physical symptoms)
    Any tips and hints are welcome.
    Sorry for my bad english.
  2. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Your chiro-QUACK-ter is full of cqracpk! Keep reading your Sarno and you will find numerous citations stating this. Go to the index of your TMS books and look-up chiro to assuage your worry about what this NON-M.D. physician NOCEBOED you with. It was not long ago, that no physician in his right mind would refer a patient to a chiro or an accu. Due to the medical/industrial complex's inability to solve the epidemic of TMS/psychosomatic chronic pain, M.D.s have thrown up their hands and started referring patients to "complementary" things like this--some even having them as part of their practices.

    I went to a highly recommended chiro years ago recommend by my coach--because he was a "kinisiologist". He took x-rays in his office, he misdiagnosed my left testicle for a tumor--I kid you not!

    Just keep reading your Sarno, all the answers are there.

    Boilerplate: Get cleared by a competent physician to eliminate any serious condition that needs to be treated, like fracture, infection, disease or cancer--preferably by a TMS physician for an objective evaluation. There's a list of them at this site.
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