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TMS foot pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Jake, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Jake

    Jake New Member

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum, and I hope this is the right place for this thread. I'm not new to TMS, as I have had sciatica pain ( but not all the tell tale signs of it) . I initially had relief after about a two week period of physical therapy where it totally went away but came back a half a year later but only stronger. Two friends who saw me told me about Dr Sarnos's method . So I bought one of his books. I also listened to recorded lectures. Everything made sense to me and although I don't think I did anything in particular (other than insisting that I don't use crutches and take the pain), Thank G-D it want away. After attending another speech about TMS, I actually started to get the same symptoms as before but much less severe. I realized that the speech probably brought back the psychosomatic symptoms, and again it went away a few days later.That was a 15 months ago.

    Which now brings me to my main question. I have been having pain ( not severe) on the side of my foot near the bottom which when I step down, I feel pain. I ignored it but since it lasted for a few months, it started to gnaw away at me ( I am a worrier!) . I started thinking that perhaps this is another manifestation of TMS. I started looking around to see if TMS can effect the foot, and indeed I saw many threads indicating that it can really effect a lot of areas including the foot.

    Then the pain shifted somewhat closer to the heal (but still on the side of the foot). This made me feel more sure that it's TMS related. I started to convince myself that it's TMS and that I should not worry if I need to run on it, and just ignore the pain and it will go away. However that did not happen. It's not worse but it didn't get better and it's been a few weeks.

    I'm not sure that I'm doing enough should I talk to myself out loud? Is there any better of a method than just to try to convince myself? Are there concrete methods to do ? Am i just fooling myself?

    Thanks for reading and I'll anticipate your thoughts and responses!
  2. Sybilk

    Sybilk New Member

    Hi Jake,
    When my back pain went away after reading Sarno's book, sure enough I started to get pain on the inside of my left ankle. I then read some information about how TMS can target feet so I decided that was the root cause. I also decided to go hiking despite the pain. But the next day it was so much worse. But I persisted and just kept telling my brain that it was only TMS and after about 2 weeks it started to "give up." The ankle pain comes and goes, mostly goes and I don't notice it much at all... but of course my brain doesn't want to give up the foot pain so now this morning the ball of my foot started hurting. So I got mad at my brain and talked to it sternly and told it to stop targeting my foot, went on my way and forgot about it. When I got back home all pain was gone. But I won't be surprised if it crops up again... This stuff can be so frustrating but I'm convinced that my brain will eventually give up the fight. For me, I think perseverance is key and not wavering on the in the TMS diagnosis.

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