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Reconnective Healing

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by BrianC, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member


    I cam across Reconnective Healing a week ago and had my first session on Tuesday. First I'll share other people's results with it, then I'll share mine.

    The first six minutes of a documentary called The Living Matrix has a story about a little kid with cerebral palsy who's healed of it in one session.

    Apparently, it can heal just about anything extremely quickly, and it's scientifically proven to work. Several reputable scientists and universities around the word have tested it. Here's what's interesting--those scientists say that this energy the healing uses has not been present on the planet till 1993. They say they hadn't detected it before then, and energy healing is one of their primary research subjects. They also say that it's way more effective than any energy healing modality. In fact, it reacts the opposite of energy, in that when the practitioner moves away from the patient, the feeling from the energy grows stronger instead of weaker like it always does with any other type of energy.

    The originator of the method says that the practitioner is merging on the vibrational (spiritual/energetic) level with the person, then stepping out of the way so God can come in and heal the person. Scientifically speaking, the scientists say that the light the practitioner's DNA is emitting is resonating much higher than the patient, and the patient's DNA light emissions are rising to meet that higher resonance. His has an amazing effect on the emotional issues that cause the physical dysfunctions. The person's body, mind, and emotions are basically being aligned with their spirit from what I can tell. I've heard several testimonies. It works on everyone regardless of whether they believe it's real or not.

    The Field and The Intention Experiment are both books by Lynne McTaggart that track the science behind human intention effecting the quantum field that everything is made of which causes things to happen in the world around us. It's been proved in thousands of research studies exhaustively for the past 50 years. Our emotional issues effect the world around us. Keep that in mind as I share my experience with my first Reconnective Session.

    My business has been dying a slow death. I've never made really good money. In fact, when my wife would make more money, I'd make less. So our debt always stayed the same. But an hour after my first Reconnective Healing session, I got a call from my only client who said he would be giving me about three times as much work this year. That nearly triples my pay. Then the next day, an old client calls and wants me to do a job. Haven't done a job for his company in 2 years. Then after that call, I get another from a guy who suddenly remembered me mentioning my business 3 years ago and wants me to move 200 trucks for him in a month. That alone will be more money than I made last year. So my pay more than quadrupled in less than 24 hours. I get the impression that whatever emotional problem was restrictions me from making good money somehow was resolved during that session. I've had a long history of problems regarding making good money. It's uncanny how the situation always works itself out so that my wife and I make no progress financially, and she makes good money as a research scientist with a PhD. Now, suddenly, that's turned around. I can't say for certain that the Reconnective Healing is responsible, but it is awful peculiar! I'll keep you updated as I do the second and third sessions. Also, I plan to do this one last service this type of healing offers called The Reconnection that's also supposed to have profound results. The doctor who did my session started in November and says everyone has had healing without exception. Also, anyone can be taught to do this type of healing. I plan to train in it and teach and offer it here in the Dallas area soon.

    Anyone else had experiences with it?

    (IMPORTANT NOTE: The post just below this post is an article defacing Reconnective Healing. The article claims there's no evidence for it and calls it delusional. This is completely untrue. There's one book written by a research scientist called Science Confirms Reconnective Healing. It's incredibly boring because it's explaining the research studies and experiments performed. The writer is not associated with Dr. Pearl's business, nor are any of the other researchers at Universities who've studied this. Take the article with a grain of salt and do your own research. A quick Google search on "science proves reconnective healing" brings up several websites dedicated to explaining the research done on Reconnective Healing. They're not associated with Dr. Pearl's business.)
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  2. balto

    balto Beloved Grand Eagle

    I have never heard and have no idea what Reconnective healing is. I just did a little search on the web for more information about it and the below article is what I found. Just want to share it here so we can have a little more information.

    Eric Pearl “Reconnects” with Hands-Off Healing
    Posted by Harriet Hall on September 28, 2010 (16 Comments)
    I first became aware of chiropractor Eric Pearl through the reprehensible movie The Living Matrix. Several months ago I reviewed that movie and described its segment featuring Pearl as follows:

    A 5 year old with cerebral palsy was allegedly healed by “reconnective healing” by a chiropractor who is shown waving his hands a few inches away from the child’s body. Problem: There was no medical evaluation before and after to determine whether anything had objectively changed, and video of the child after treatment shows that his gait is not normal.

    I have since learned that Pearl is far more than an eccentric oddball. He is a whole industry. He is teaching his “reconnective healing” methods to others worldwide through seminars in several languages, he engages in aggressive marketing, he offers practice-building advice to his many disciples, and he even foists his beliefs on groups of impressionable young children. I use the word disciples intentionally because there are strong religious overtones to this healing method.

    What is Reconnective Healing?

    “The Reconnection” is similar to therapeutic touch, but goes much farther. He does not need to physically touch patients because they can feel his touch without any contact. They close their eyes and he moves his hands around their bodies but several inches away. They feel a presence, see colors unknown on Earth, and often see angels (one particular angel is George, a multicolored parrot). Afterwards, they report miraculous healings of “cancers, AIDS-related diseases, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, birth disfigurements, cerebral palsy and other serious afflictions.”

    How Did He Learn to Do This?

    He discovered this new ability after a “Jewish gypsy” (!?) read his cards at Venice Beach and “Almost as an afterthought she said to me, ? [sic]There’s a very special work that I do through the use of axiatonal lines. It reconnects your body’s meridian lines to the grid lines on the planet that connect us to the stars and other planets.” She told him he could read about it in the Book of Enoch. (I couldn’t stand to read that book, but I skimmed it and didn’t notice anything that seemed pertinent to healing; if readers can find the pertinent sections, I’d appreciate it if they would point them out to me.) He returned for a couple of healing sessions; her fee was $333. Later, at home, a light by his bedside turned on by itself and he thought there were people in his home, that he was not alone and was being watched. He began to have other unusual experiences such as strange sensations and vibrations in his skull and legs, and he started hearing music and sounds. (In psychiatric parlance, the word for this is “hallucinations.”) Then his chiropractic patients started reporting similar unusual experiences, seeing angels and experiencing miraculous healings.

    He learned that “God is the healer.”

    Not only did the energy know where to go and what to do without the slightest instruction from me; the more I got my attention out of the picture the more powerful the response. Some of the greatest healings occurred when I was thinking about my grocery list.

    Then he discovered he could transmit these abilities to others.

    He teaches you how to activate and utilize this new, all-inclusive spectrum of healing frequencies that allow us to completely transcend “energy healing” and its myriad “techniques” to access a level of healing beyond anything anyone has been able to access prior to now!

    So what is it? Something he does, or something that a mysterious energy spontaneously does when his attention is elsewhere? A spectrum of healing frequencies, or God, or angels, or axiatonal lines connecting us to the stars, or what? It doesn’t appear that he has even tried to think this through or form any coherent hypothesis.

    What About Evidence?

    His website is full of miraculous testimonials. These amount to what the courts call hearsay. For all we know, he or his patients could have made these stories up. He offers no medical documentation. The only attempt at any objective evidence is a ridiculous, meaningless pair of Kirlian photos of his hands during and prior to healing mode. He has never even tried to do a properly blinded, controlled test to see if patients really can sense his hands without contact. He’s not about evidence, he’s about belief.


    According to the philosopher David Hume’s guidelines for determining whether reported miracles have really occurred, it seems more probable that Pearl’s testimony is misguided than that the phenomena he reports are real. It is far more likely that his claims are explainable through a number of well-documented human foibles: delusion, illusion, hallucination, imagination, fantasy, suggestion, misperception, misinterpretation, and inaccurate reporting. If he wants us to believe there is anything more substantial going on, the burden is on him to test his abilities and offer meaningful evidence. He’s not likely to do that: he has no motivation to test the reality of something he believes in, and he’s garnering far more fame and fortune than he ever could have as a chiropractor. It’s ironic that the etymology of chiropractic implies “hands-on” and that he is now practicing “hands-off.” I’m guessing he’s not a deliberate fraud, but merely self-deluded and lacking in critical thinking skills. His intellectual level is revealed by his own statement that

    Books and I never got along. By this point in my life I had maybe read two books, and one of them I was still coloring.

    He offers his patients false hope: he is probably harming at least some of them by keeping them from getting real help with their medical problems. Buyer beware!
    Source: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/eric-pearl-reconnects-with-hands-off-healing/
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  3. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member


    And that's the problem with the Internet--horrible research from skeptics. There has been a lot of research on Reconnective Healing in reputable laboratories actually. The University of Arizona is one that comes to mind. In fact, if you read The Reconnection, there are research studies shown in it. Also, the book Science Confirms Reconnective Healing by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov has tons of explanation of the experiments and research that show how it works. All one has to do is google "science proves reconnective healing" to bring up several websites discussing the science and research behind it.

    It's a bit annoying when someone does a five minute Google search, finds one article designed to deface the method and present no evidence, then posts it. People will read that article and immediately buy into it and never give Reconnective Healing a second thought, and yet it may be the answer to their health issues or even save their life. Do you want your negative, unstudied opinion to cause that to happen to someone? Think about what you're doing before you posting things for the world to see before really taking the time to research them. We can really cause a lot of damage with our good intentions.

    I'm sure you mean well, but I'll be amending the first post of this thread to expose the uninformed nature of the article.
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  4. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    I found the movie the Living Matrix quite interesting.
  5. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    I haven't made it all the way through the movie/documentary yet, but it's pretty interesting so far. The crazy things they've discovered are kind of mind blowing, but Eastern philosophy has been aware of those things for a few thousand years.

    I watched one TED Talk that mentioned an Amazon tribe who knew all 27 different types of a certain plant. But all variations of the plant look exactly the same. When a botanist asked the tribe's shaman how they knew this, the Shaman said, "Don't you know anything about plants? You lay these plants out beside each other on a full moon and listen to them sing to tell which species each is." The speaker said, "I don't have anything against science, but that sounds a whole hell of a lot more interesting than sitting in a lab counting stamen." lol Those people apparently were so in tune with nature that they could sense or hear the plants resonating when the moon's magnetic resonance is strongest. That made me think of the verse in the Bible that says all of creation will sing. In the book The Intention Experiment, scientists hooked up modified lie detectors to plants to track their responses to outside stimulants. They discovered that plant are conscious and respond to their caretakers. If the caretaker merely thought about burning the plant's leaf, the plant would have a stress response. Also, the plants around it would have the same response. They empathize with each other. When the caretaker stopped thinking about burning the plant's leaf, the stress response would immediately go away. If the caretaker did this repeatedly, the plant would stop having a stress response. The plant had learned that the caretaker was bluffing, so it was no longer scared. How bizarre is that?

    There's so much interesting science out there that we never hear about.
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  6. balto

    balto Beloved Grand Eagle

    Brian, you shouldn't get annoyed about what I posted, the article just give more information for everyone here to discuss more about Reconnective healing. We can all learn more to either prove that it work or prove that it is a quack out to make money on desperate people. Unless you have some personal financial interest in RH, I don't see why you should get upset. All of us have the right to be skeptical about anything, especially when it come to our health and when it will cost lots of money (insurance company don't recognize RH and won't cover it)

    The reasons we should be more skeptical about Reconnective Healing are:

    1- It claimed to cure cancer, cebreral balsy, malignant tumors, AIDS-related diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, birth disfigurements and bone deformities... Eric Pearl can cure more diseases than even Jesus ever did, diseases that the medical world have no cure for.

    2- Many RH healers claim they can even cure patient with "Distance healing". It work for both human and animal no matter how far distance is. Their "Healing energy" travel even faster than light. It cost about $120 per session. Now we don't even have to go to the doctor's office. http://www.theavalonreconnection.com/distancehealing.html

    3- your post mentioned University of Arizona's research on RH. I can only find dr. Gary E. Schwartz of UA as the one that did "some" research on Eric Pearl's hands. Well, this is a real doctor but a doctor with lots of controversy. He claimed to be able to contact dead people. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Schwartz#Controversy ) he claimed to scientificly proven that "medium" can contact the deads. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Schwartz#Controversy )
    Lynne McTaggart - an investigative Journalist (not a doctor or physicsist) wrote lots of book on the healing effect of "intention" and distance healing. She claimed to healed Aids patient from a distance (remote healing), she is anti vaccine. she told us of the evils of the measles vaccine (have you read about measles on the news lately?). She said Tamiflu vaccine don't work ( http://www.badscience.net/2006/02/the-great-tamiflu-vaccine-scare/ ). She also has a site called the Intention Experiment where she tries to use mass meditation from her paying followers to affect the results of experiments in remote laboratories. ( http://www.quackometer.net/blog/2010/12/ted-quacks.html )
    Russian "scientist" Konstantin Korotkov who wrote the book "Science Confirms Reconnective Healing" also claimed with Kirlian photography technique he can capture image of the soul leaving the body at death. Korotov claims he gets different images when he uses his GVC on people who have died calmly or violently. He claims that one who dies in a calm, natural manner slowly loses his 'aura' after 36 hours; whereas, someone who suffers a sudden, violent death loses his 'aura' suddenly after 72 hours. ( http://skepdic.com/kirlian.html#new ) He claims that water has memory. Research into the effects of intention via chanting on water, conducted by Korotkov and his team in Russian monasteries, revealed that “when we have water with positive intention, after chanting, this water has the same structure as water in our bodies. That’s why all over the world in different religions, there is always blessed water kept during chanting, during prayer, during meditation. And when people have this water, This water is better for health than ordinary water,” explains Korotkov. “This water may keep this structure for many many days…. it proves that water has memory.”

    4 - and about your income being triple 24 hours after your RH session, I would rather want to think it have lots to do with your clients thinking highly of you and your job, they respect you, trusted you... that's why they want to use you. Because if RH can triple anyone's income in one session, I think the RH healer would force everyone in her family to lay their all day for her to wave her hand on them.

    Brian, with the above reasons, I think it is perfectly reasonable for anyone to be skeptical and want to research a little more about RH before they hand over their hard earned money to the healers. After all, even Dr. Sarno, a real and respected doctor with hundred of thousand of proven record of heal patients were call a quack by many in the conventional medical world. So don't get annoy by me. The people who got heal for real by RH will spread the words. for now we just have to agree to disagree on this subject.
  7. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member


    My annoyance is strictly due to people who may read your post and immediately discount RH as legitimate. I've seen a lot of amazing things in my life that have helped a lot of people. They sound outlandish, and yet they consistently happened. I'll share a five-year stretch of those in a minute. But for now, know that there are some inaccuracies and a lot of information left out of what you just posted in your last post. I'll address some of them later.

    I spent five years helping people with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD/DID) for free. What I did with them is nothing like what psychologists do. It wasn't energy healing or anything of that sort. I simply showed them how to go inside their "system," if they didn't already know how, and showed them how to find God in that place and love all of their alternate personalities unconditionally (or as best they could). When each personality was accepted unconditionally (felt loved unconditionally), that personality would start to integrate with other personalities. Just think of each one as a person. In the "system" (the person's inside world), each personality looks like a person. Each personality looks the way they did when they split off, so a 12 year old personality will look just the way she did when she was 12 and the abuse occurred that caused her to split. This "system" is another world. It looks like this world, but without all of the industrialization. It's very natural, but usually has things like the person's house from childhood or some safe place for them, and maybe some other structures from other times in their life that made them feel safe. There are also structures in different parts that look exactly like places they were abused. They see angels and demons in this place. The angels always look the same no matter who's seeing them and no matter what religious beliefs they have (some of them are Atheists). The angels are always 2, 4, or 6-winged, and each type has distinct differences and functions. No matter what multiple I worked with, they always saw the angels this way, and I rarely told them what the angels were supposed to look like, or even that they would see angels. They offered up this information without me saying a word about it usually. I was very careful to mention as little as possible so they could discover this stuff theirselves and know that it was real when I told them all the other multiple see the same stuff, generally. At least the multiples who have explored their inside world extensively have seen those the same things. When I would pray, silently to myself, that they would see God's light in their inside world, they'd say, "I see a light in the distance." I'd tell them to go toward it. They'd always hit a river or stream without me telling them about it. They'd follow it and it would always lead to that light, which would turn out to be God. He was always in this Fountain or Life or Waterfall of Life. He'd heal their emotional wounds, and this "Water of Life" there helped with this, too.

    Now, keep in mind, these people have all manner of curable and incurable diseases, and they were usually grossly overweight. They had all kinds of emotional problems. When one alternate personality would take control of the body, the eyes would be blue and vision was bad so their glasses were necessary. When a different alternate personality would come out, the eye color would change, the eyesight would be normal (they'd take off their glasses), and they'd have a different set of illnesses. In fact, they would have a different blood type depending on which alter (alternate personality) was in control of the body at the time blood was being drawn. Genetically, they'd shift instantly due to a switch in personality and that personality's emotional issues.

    But once all of their personalities integrated into one personality, their diseases, both curable and incurable, would go away. They'd drop down to their average healthy weight extremely quickly without dieting or exercise (because their system was working better and because they weren't getting upset and eating to stuff their emotions). All of the drama in their life would pretty much go away overnight once that happened. Life became very good for them suddenly and all of the emotional problems were gone. As long as they didn't have some major abuse in the next year, this would stick and they'd never again be able to switch personalities--there were no more personalities to switch with due to the integration. I spent about five hours with one lady who had about 5 alternate personalities. By the end of the five hours, all of the personalities had integrated and she felt great, but exhausted from the emotional roller coaster and integrations. Integrations feel amazing, but usually leave the person tired. That kind of 5 hour healing for a multiple is unheard of in psychology. Doesn't happen. It takes years upon years to get a multiple healed, but usually is not successful. Psychologists aren't trained to do what I was doing with multiples. An older gentleman in Florida started testing things with multiples whom he'd befriended, and after working with them for a while, he figured out a way to help them heal. As he developed the method, he got better and quicker at it. Eventually, he helped over 200 multiples fully integrate. I learned from his book on the subject and from many phone calls where I asked him quite a few questions when I'd get stuck or needed better understanding of what was happening.

    So, hearing all of that, you'd think I was a loon, probably. But I wasn't doing anything special with those people. I was just utilizing one unresearched method of healing. If someone had come out and called the method a fraud, a lot of multiples would not have wanted my help and they would've been stuck in their extremely painful life. I have a huge heart for abuse victims and people suffering. So yes, it's upsetting when someone posts a very defamatory, inaccurate article as the second post of my thread. Many people are too skeptical right away and it causes them to miss out on a lot of things in life. People don't have a ton of time, usually, nowadays to research things for their self, so seeing a negative article could immediately stop any research they were about to do on the subject, effectively stopping them from trying out something like this their self, no matter what testimonies they hear. And they won't hear those testimonies if their research has stopped at the negative article.

    So yes, I have good reason to be upset by your post of inaccurate information (now two posts, each with some inaccurate or incomplete information).
  8. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member


    I'll address the inaccuracy in your claims now:

    I didn't say people shouldn't be skeptical. I have a very healthy skepticism myself. I've spent years and years doing countless hours of research, usually on a daily basis, because my business doesn't take up hardly any of my time. I've done a few days of research on Reconnective Healing, but I hadn't heard about it before a couple of weeks ago. I'm the type who has no problem going and spending a little money to experience something myself to see if it's legitimate. I know better than to take people's word for it in regard to these types of things. I consider people's testimonies, whether for or against something, but until I experience it myself, I can't really make an informed decision about it usually. Also, if someone works on one person, but not another, then we have factors at play specific to each individual, making it impossible to go off of people's testimonies. One must experience things for him or herself, usually, if they truly want to know if it will work for them. I encourage people to do their research and decide if something's right for them. All I can do is give my experiences and my collected information on a topic. I give a very objective account of what happens to me, too, rather than jumping to conclusions. What happened to me could be pure coincidence, and I stated that. But it is strange that similar things happen to other people who do RH, as well. I have no clue what caused my sudden boost in pay, but it's never happened to me before in all my years, and especially not like that. Even my wife (a PhD and research scientist) said, "I admit, this is pretty weird."

    Lynne McTaggart has received quite a bit of flack for her book against modern medicine. She does have inaccuracies in that book and some information that could be damaging. In my opinion, she didn't gather enough research or take a balanced approach in that book. However, The Field and The Intention Experiment are completely different matters. Those books cite thousands of studies over the past 50 years into fringe science, especially pertaining to quantum physics and human intention. You need to read the book before you comment on it--otherwise, you're commenting from a severe lack of information. My wife's a research scientist, so I'm well versed in taking in a lot of information before I come to a decision on something, and I have a very balanced view of what I'm researching. That's why I didn't say Reconnective Healing is responsible for my quadruple pay increase. There's no way to prove that. The Field gives exhaustive research studies from very reputable scientists and labs such as Princeton's PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomaly Research) lab. That lab has done thousands of experiments in fringe science over the years. They're cited several times in human intention and their effects on the physical world and the quantum field. The US government has but several million (maybe billion) into researching remote viewing and other fringe science subjects like human intention experiments. In fact, some of our government's remote viewers back in the 70s found hidden military bases strictly through remove viewing. You wouldn't believe how many thousand remote viewing experiments the government funded--thousands. And they were all extremely successful.

    If you take the time to read The Field and look up the cited research in the back of the book, you'll find endless experiments to sift through. The things discussed in that book are extremely well documented and proved. So we're not talking about a health book that was not well researched. We're talking about tons of solid science. Some of the scientists who did these experiments were nobel laureates. Some of them discovered important things about the brain which are very common in our understanding of the brain today in research circles (my wife is head of pediatric brain research at the Center for BrainHealth, part of the University of Texas at Dallas--they're on the cutting edge of brain research and therapy and work with the NFL as well as the government, training Navy Seals and other military personnel). We're not talking about shoddy research here. Anyone could read your post and immediately dismiss this stuff as ludicrous, and yet it could be useful to them in some way. Also, my wife says research is done via the internet all the time now, so that millions of people can be used for studies much more quickly and cheaply. There's nothing wrong with Lynne McTaggart's Intention Experiment being online. In fact, that experiment is designed by several top-notch scientists.

    I don't know much about Dr. Gary E. R. Schwartz, but I do know he's a professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery, and director of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory at the University of Arizona. He's also the vice president for research and education in the Living Energy Universe Foundation. He received his PhD from Harvard in '71, and was assistant professor of psychology at Harvard until 1976. He was also a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University, director of the Yale Psychophysiology Center, and co-director of the Yale Behavioral Medicine Clinic until 1998. He's got a long list of credentials. Anyone who does research on human energy like what he does is going to be very controversial, plain and simple. Just because someone's "controversial" doesn't mean they're fraudulent or incapable at what they do. Dr. Schwartz, at the beginning of Dr. Pearl's book, says that he's only done some basic science studies in their laboratory at UA, but that was back in 2001. Since then, several labs that research human energy have become interested in and done research experiments on RH. I'm not sure you realize just how many scientists research in the realm of human energy. There are quite a few, and many are at major universities around the world and in the U.S. Read McTaggart's book and you'll start to see just how many scientists have been researching this stuff for the past 50 years. Quantum physics is a very strange field of research, and that's what these people are researching usually. Subatomic particle are the energy that make up all matter in the universe, including me and you. Back in the early 1900s, we discovered that a single subatomic particle could be in a few thousand places at once, but as soon as we looked at that particle, it would choose one place to be and stay only there for us to observe. This baffled scientists, because this implied that the particle was conscious, and god-like (being more than one place at once). The particle knew when it was being looked at and choose to act differently as a result. Also, quantum entanglement is where two particles are "entangled" with one another at a distance. What this means is, if I heat up one particle, the particle that it's entangled with will also heat up, no matter how far away it is. It does this instantly, which means the information travels faster than the speed of light from one particle to the other. Scientists are working on making teleportation machines using quantum entanglement right now. They've managed to teleport information from one particle to another from one island to another at quite a distance away. They hope to be able to scan a person, eventually, and then recreate them with quantum-entangled particles at a distance. That may sound outlandish, but the government and businesses are putting a lot of money into researching this technology. Just because it sounds crazy doesn't mean it is. Human energy researchers are basically quantum physics researchers, usually. Quantum physics has been proved and accepted for over a hundred years now. In the past 50 years, we've discovered how human intention affects this quantum field--the field of energy that everything is made of and on which information and energy travels.

    Healthy skepticism is fine, but a lot of people immediately discount things (without research) that are perfectly valid in science labs all over the world.

    Kirlian Photography
    Kirlian photography has been proved for quite a long time now. In fact, Russian healthcare approved the use of it in 2003. That's how effective it's been over the years. They use the GVC machine in hospitals all over Russia to help diagnose people's health issues. They can predict if a person will go blind up to six months in advance using the GVC machine. Virtually all scientists know that the human body emits an electromagnetic field (electric and magnetic fields). This is common knowledge. All GVC devices are doing is taking a picture of the electromagnetic field outside the body. In parts where the electrical energy is not flowing well in the body, the field is weaker in the images. This means there's a problem with that part of the body, because it's not getting the electrical energy flow it needs. Go ask any personal trainer and they'll explain to you how our body produces this energy. Why is this a topic of skepticism? It's well documented. And yet we get our panties in a wad here in America when someone mentions something like this strictly because we're ignorant of it. We Americans are quite ignorant about a great may things, including TMS, because our laws restrict quite a bit of therapies here in the States. People need to stop fearing things and start doing some research. Try some things out for a change instead of cowering away from them. Lots of treatments can be tried without any danger of injury. And a Kirlian photograph certainly isn't going to hurt anyone. It seems we Americans are quite drawn to controversy--the success of our news stations testify to that. They're all about fear tactics. I've heard one news reporter explain how their meetings go. When someone throws out a story idea, the others will say, "It's not scary enough. Let's pitch it like this." They're all about fear. I'm not saying only Americans are that way, of course. This happens all over. I'm just using Americans as an example because I'm American, so I can relate.

    I can't say what Lynne McTaggart said about this. I've heard people slant her statements before, though. She might have said it wasn't very effective--who knows. I haven't read that book and don't plan on it. My doctor is a kinesiologist who uses biomagnetics, and he's a chiropractor, too. He offers a product that you take orally that is five times the strength of the flu shot. He says the flu shot is so weak that it has virtually no effect in research studies. Some studies showed people who received the flu shot were slightly more likely to get the flu. My doctor isn't a fan of immunizations as long as a person eats pretty healthy. If people aren't eating really healthy, then they should get vaccinated. And even if people are really healthy, it's still probably a good idea to get a few of the basic vaccines. My doctor's girls had no vaccinations, but ate impeccably well and are in exceptional health. They've never had problems in this area. They're not typical though. McTaggart was a little bit overzealous by saying that people shouldn't take vaccines. In The Field and the Intention Experiment, I've noticed that McTaggart tries to be pretty objective about how she presents her information. I doubt she was like that in her book on health (I forget the name).

    Water Memory
    Actually, water memory is well documented now. Homeopathy has been using water memory for several decades now. In The Field, a Nobel laureate, if I'm not mistaken, started researching water memory accidentally due to a screw-up in the lab. This was before she was a Nobel laureate (I could be getting the Nobel laureate status with this individual mixed up with a few others in the book). Anyway, when the research was published, they sent a few people who disprove research to test it out. They changed the experiment, and the results came back negative--it didn't seem to work. So, once this was published, the science community shunned it for a few decades. Then, finally, scientists started replicating the original experiment again and got the same original results. Even though this is still a controversial subject, scientists have repeated it several times in recent history and it's worked. Homeopathy has done it for quite a long time with amazing results. The experiments diluted solutions with water so heavily that particles of the original solution couldn't be detected, and yet the effects of the original solution were exponentially stronger in the excessively watered down solutions. That's pretty profound. Dr. Emoto's research into water memory is very intriguing. Look for some of it on YouTube. The water crystals that form are beautiful. His experiments with rice can be done at home, and I've seen tons of videos on YouTube where people did them and got the same results as Dr. Emoto. I plan to try it out myself as a fun project for me and my son. That, by the way, is a human intention and human energy experiment that can easily be done at home. I encourage you and anyone else to try it just for fun. It's incredibly easy to do. The water experiments have very intriguing results. Fun stuff.

    I'm not annoyed by you. I'm mainly just sad that people are so quick to jump on negative press without doing research for themselves. But that's their choice, and to their detriment usually. Nothing I can do about. I just wish people would be a little more balanced in their dissemination of information, and a little more bold in their research and experiences. Fear is a killer.

    In the end, what it really comes down to is this: whatever happens is supposed to happen or it wouldn't have happened. So, just because you post negative articles doesn't mean it will cause anything to happen that's not supposed to happen. If someone needs to hear about RH, they'll research it and go do it. If it's not supposed to happen for someone, they won't research it. Me getting annoyed or saddened by it is my issue, not yours. If I had resolved that sadness or annoyance emotionally already, I wouldn't have gotten annoyed or saddened by your post. So, it's a good thing that you posted the article, because it caused dysfunctional emotions to surface that I'm getting to deal with so I can integrate/resolve them. I appreciate that.

    I'm doing my 4th Presence Process right now, and my intent is to integrate anger. So things like this have been happening to me repeatedly to trigger my anger/annoyance. lol Thanks for being a messenger to trigger my anger. It's very helpful to me. :) And I don't mean that sarcastically. It's genuine. Anger's difficult to deal with, but I'm slowly getting better at it.

    Sorry for the long posts. I'm done with debating the subject now. I didn't cover all of the inaccuracies your posts, but that's okay. It's no big deal. People can come to their own conclusions on this regardless of whether I post about it or not. I doubt anyone wants to read these giant posts anyway. I know I wouldn't want to. lol These are the longest posts I've posted here in TMSwiki. A testament to the anger I suppress. lol Have a good day, Balto.
  9. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member


    I forgot to comment on me getting all of that business suddenly.

    Me getting all of that work didn't have much to do with my integrity. My clients have always known my integrity. They just found cheaper ways to do what they needed to do, despite the fact that I'm cheaper than everyone else that offers this service. I don't know why the one company decided to start using me again instead of sending their employees out to deliver the trucks.

    My integrity also doesn't account for the 200 trucks a guy called me to deliver. I barely know him and have barely talked to him in three years besides just saying "hi" in passing. He just happened to remember me saying, three years ago, that I delivered trucks. He really doesn't know anything about me or my integrity or business ethics. He could've called driving companies to do the job, and anyone else would have. It's really weird that he remembered that one comment from me three years ago. Very weird, but whatever. Weird things happen sometimes. And it's odd that it all happened in a 24 hr period after doing RH. Again, I can't say why it happened. It's just awful peculiar. lol

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