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Day 4 Question To Ponder

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Fedup2020, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. Fedup2020

    Fedup2020 New Member

    In the SEP it says "What was the most disheartening thing a doctor has told you about your symptoms? In what ways have you kept that in your mind?"

    A few years ago I had an office job for a number of years and was fine for a good few years. Then the dreaded "RSI" struck! I had wrist pain, shoulder pain and general arm pain. I went to the doctors and they diagnosed it as RSI. I tried a lot of different treatments - painkillers, physiotherapy etc. Nothing helped.

    I went to the doctors time and time again and nothing improved. They eventually told me I will need to quit my job if I want the pain to stop! I believed in the doctors and thought wow this is official medical advice to give up my career, so I quit my job (also I was in tremendous amounts of pain every day). It was very disheartening hearing this, as this was the only career I knew how to do!

    It was also very disheartening saying oh these painkillers will help (did nothing), this exercise will help (it didn't), rest will help (nope), this expert will be able to help (nope) etc.

    I think it's just disheartening when the doctors clearly don't know how to help!

    I think all this has just stayed in my mind. I have made progress with TMS and now get a lot less pain when using a computer, as well as just less pain in general. I don't really use computers very much and I am scared of getting another job with computers in case the pain comes back.

    I do know if the pain comes back I can simply do some TMS work and I should be fine. Still there is a slight doubt in my mind, what happens if I go back to a computer job and the pain comes back? I know if I do get pain it will most likely be TMS, still it does worry me, as you don't know how you will cope with something until you do it.

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