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New here....Any advice/support/comments welcome!

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Johnde, Nov 3, 2021.

  1. Johnde

    Johnde New Member


    I have been having ongoing shoulder/neck/back issues for probably 15 years. I use to do martial arts and always assumed that I injured it. I also have a couple minor car collisions that I also assume played a role. Throughout the years I also enjoy lifting weights. I always will get to a point in my progress and then be stopped in my tracks by something shoulder/back/neck related. I've tried chiro, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, dry needling, had ultrasounds done, tried shockwave therapy...nothing did much of anything.

    Over the pas few months, I started to hit the gym again. I enjoy lifting heavy weights...as heavy as I can. I was progressing really well and had reached being on par with the strongest I have ever been years previous. Then....I did some work in my basement on my hands and knees and it all fell apart. My hips, back, neck, shoulder all ached. I took almost a week off from the gym and then when I was feeling better, I went and did a fairly intense workout. For about three days after, I felt like I had complete body aches (just like a flu). I was so tired, and everything was sensitive to the touch. When this finally subsided (maybe 5 days later), I reluctantly headed back to the gym and just took it a little easier. That was this past Sunday. I felt "okay" after the workout and just had the usual tight neck, random shoulder and back sensations, and still a bit of that flu/body ache feeling. Yesterday it kicked in again. I felt achy all over my body. My forearms, biceps, back, shoulders, neck, and to add to it...my eyes hurt to move. This is continuing this morning.

    A friend of mine recommended John Sarno's book to me a while ago along with another person. I am hoping and willing to whatever it takes to help relieve this. I should maybe mention, I also have a 5 month old daughter at home and this is putting strain on my wife and my relationship.

    I guess my first question is, is this TMS? I do believe more and more as the days pass that my neck/shoulder/back issues sounds exactly like TMS, but I guess I'm curious about the body aching and eye soreness now. I have a doctor's appointment to address that portion.

    Sorry if this message is a bit disjointed. I just wanted to get it out and start my journey here.

    Thanks for listening!

  2. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    What you are describing sounds much like fibromyalgia. It is absolutely TMS, many people had it, me included. It is extremely unpleasant. Your brain is trying to protect you from overdoing your workouts and is sending pain signals in order to stop you in your tracks. Remember, the weirder, the more bizarre your symptoms are, the more likely it is TMS. This site is full of the best resources. Check out Alan Gordon's recovery programs, pick one that feel right and get to work! Best of luck!
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  3. Madder

    Madder New Member

    I agree with TG957. I am quite new here myself but I've read The Divided Mind by Sarno, and Unlearn Your Pain by Schubiner and I think you will do yourself a lot of good if you read Dr Sarno's book or indeed Dr Schubiner's book too. The things you are describing fit TMS perfectly, and you have already identified some possible triggers too which is great. Dr Sarno would encourage you to continue your gym and weight lifting routines. All physical activities should continue because there is nothing wrong with your back, neck and shoulder. As mentioned already, your brain is producing this pain because it thinks you need protection from something. Keep training, read the book and understand the theory and you will be fine.
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  4. Johnde

    Johnde New Member

    thanks for your replies!

    One thing I am curious about is the fibromyalgia. Would that be the whole upper body issues i describes? I guess I’m still a bit confused with this body aching feeling I have right now (it’s exactly like being “sick”) and is new to me. It just started two weeks ago. It’s hits harder in the morning and evening and I’m just exhausted. I’ve never had this kind of thing before unless I had a flu or bad cold. I’m curious…is this possibly something that is indeed a flu or cold or am I just denying the TMS? I’m in a loop right now where I keep thinking as soon as this flu or whatever goes away, I can’t wait to commit to the TMS all over my upper body and beat it.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
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  5. Madder

    Madder New Member

    If I remember correctly, Dr's tend to diagnose Fibrobyalgia if you have pain in at least 11 out of a possible 18 areas, or something like that. However, I would imagine a TMS specialist would consider pain in several areas as TMS either way. I guess it is possible that you have a cold or a flu, but remember, even though a cold or a flu is caused by a virus or a bacteria, if they are persistent, that they keep coming back every few weeks or every couple of months, then this also points to TMS.
    My advice to you is to accept the TMS diagnosis. Embrace it fully, even if there is a separate cold/flu. Once you embrace it and take the steps to fully understand it you will notice the improvements.
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  6. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    I had fibromyalgia for 20 years, and I can attest to the fact that it is TMS. I have been free of it since 2013, when I first discovered the concept of TMS and began treating it that way.

    You can free yourself of your symptoms. Choose a TMS book and program and stick with it. You'll get there.
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