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Nerve pain gone for a few days and now back!

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Lavoris, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Lavoris

    Lavoris New Member

    i have had a few fine days and was even thinking it was “over” (I know!). As soon as I got in my car tonight I had a flare and it’s full blown right now. I am confused as to what may have caused it. I went to spin class and rode my bike yesterday but it couldn’t have hit me tonight and all of a sudden! There is so much going on right now it’s hard to tell what the heck is causing it! I’m trying not to get stuck in the setback and bask in the two days I gave myself off! I feel a pain in my neck where I have a disc problem but that appeared suddenly tonight also even though I had been fine prior. I haven’t slept in days being panicky about I don’t know what! I am angry at my husband but for things he can’t help and at myself for things I can’t help! I know what they are and I love him dearly but I worry that my family life is making me feel this way. My pain comes from childhood trauma tearing it’s head as my kids are now grown and our financial troubles are great having put both of them through school. I hate having to sit here while my nerve endings sting. I don’t know how to stop being scared of my mind. I know good days will return but ouch
  2. Hamed

    Hamed New Member

    Hi Lavoris,

    Hang in there, you can and will get through this. Just remind yourself that our bodies are not designed to live in perpetual pain. I saw a post from Alan Gordon where he related that about ten years ago a construction worker drove a nail accidentally through his boot--straight through. He was in screaming agony and was rushed to the ER. When they removed the boot they found that the nail had gone right between his toes! Not even a scratch on him! Imagine that. Our minds, when properly stressed, are capable of getting very nasty with our nerves.

    I'm going through something similar that you're experiencing. Nerve pain flare ups are the worst, and in my opinion the scariest. Mine are exacerbated by the stress I impose on myself taking care of my two little ones (5 and 2 years old). I realize now that my worst flare ups have occurred after particularly stressful mornings with these little people. My relationship with my wife isn't the warmest it's been either, which only makes me feel more isolated, and hence greater pain. The irony is I lose confidence in the TMS diagnosis AS I'm experiencing classic TMS symptoms. It just feels so damn real and structural or nerve-based that it's almost impossible to fathom that my subconscious mind is capable of such sinister symptoms simply because I'm "stressed" out. But the simple reality is that I am TMSing. I spent four months improving slowly if at all until I found Dr. Sarno's work. Then my progress accelerated in leaps and bounds. To the point where I'm back to exercising and living my life normally, with some pain always around to keep me focused away from the real issues. So maybe what folks like you and I need to do is fore our attention away from the pain long enough to sit down and journal or speak into our phone voice recorders, or find a willing ear even to just offload our issues. We know our childhood traumas are the foundation of the pain, but there are bricks built on that foundation that need to be torn down first.

    Stay strong Lavoris. I not only want, but actually need to hear that you're improving because it helps reinforce my own confidence in the process. And just remember, Dr. Sarno lived to a ripe old age for a good reason. The man knew a thing or two about health and wellness. ;)

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  3. stradivarius

    stradivarius Peer Supporter

    The fact that you had a few good days sounds like a very positive sign Lavoris. Hang in there.:)

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