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My Story - need bit of help / wisdom

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Hello life, Jun 12, 2023.

  1. Hello life

    Hello life Newcomer

    Hi all,

    Please see below my story of pain;

    High level Overview
    • In 2018, I was involved in RTA accident where a car knocked me down off my bike on the road - diagnosed with concussion, whiplash in neck/lower back and hip issues - in severe pain for nearly a year
    • End of 2018, ended up pregnant. Pain worst/severe in lower back, pelvis and shoulder - sciatica / PPD diagnosed
    • In 2019, 6 weeks after baby is born, took up Pilates and after some time pain issues resolved in lower back / pelvis ( no pain for 3 and half years)
    • End of May 2023, originally started out as tailbone pain then progressed to lower back , buttocks, groin and hips. Same time buying a new house. I was lifting boxes while moving, our child jumped on me at awkward angle/ jumped down the stairs where I tried to stop him. Then lifted the buggy out of the bus where I had to forceful push the stroller out with my legs as it was jammed trying to get off the bus. Then, I noticed tingling in my legs and pain
    • I also have had psoriasis in the past which has been clear for 13 years due to removal of my tonsils- so it was also checked by Rheumie if I could have psoriasis arthritis - this was inclusive . He also suggested maybe fibro, however, he could not commit to this diagnosis
    Treatments I did in 2018/2019
    • MRIs;
    • Brain, neck - fine. However, neck showed straight neck
    • Thoracic - fine
    • Lower back - mild osteoarthritis in some facet joints (apparently, most people have this)
    • SI joints - showed previous episode of inflammation - whether that from pregnancy etc
    • Pelvis - ITB Band syndrome, hip bursitis on both sides, labrum tears on both sides (however, tears diagnosed as probably nothing/genetic as in both hips)

    Holistic / medical treatments

    • Physio/strength training
    • Chiropractor
    • Osteopath
    • Massage
    • Rolfing
    • Acupuncture
    • Rheumatologist
    • Stem cell treatment - PRP Treatment/adipose tissue
    • Prolotherapy in joints/muscles
    • Pain meds / creams
    • Pilates
    With my latest episode of pain where I feel like I have reinjured same injuries as before but groin pain is worst , I am wondering if this is TMS after reading Sarno book and reviewing my past history re pain. I am currently in a lot pain and upset as I have been pain free now for over 3 years. Just looking for some help/words of wisdom. I did go to my general practitioner and waiting on mri to rule out anything else.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    It truly sounds like tms- especially moving with a small child and your history.. unconscious fear plus, stress?
    When taking “inventory” re: Sarno’s book, you talk about reviewing your past pain history, but I’m wondering if you followed his advice to “think psychological”? Look at your personality characteristic compared to
    the book, had an idea that beyond your pain, there might be something else going on? Sometimes it is purely a response to fear/pain and a loop we both get stuck in and revisit, sometimes there are unresolved psychological stresses and we realize that our tms goes back much farther. I wouldn’t worry about these things, just consider them and begin to consider tms work.
    There are two free programs at the bottom of the tmswiki.org “front” page. Choose one, follow it through. Break the days down into two or three days if the lesson is long. Just spend an hour a day at most at this work. Dedication and consistency helps.
    Alan Gordon’s Pain Reprocessing (also a small book you can order) is mostly about fear of symptoms.
    The SEP is a longer program which is a bit more multifaceted dealing with your history, daily journalling, current stress and fear.
    Lastly there is my tms journey website with s “roadmap” to a healing journey (similar to the SEP) which I find very helpful and uses Nicole Sach’s Journalspeak as part of the method.
    Pick anything that resonates with you most.
    Note that tms folks sometimes relapse. You first need to begin to feel safer in your body and mind -dial back your nervous system “upset”, and find hope. This website has success stories that inspire hope. Dan Buglio posts daily messages for tms hope on youtube “pain free you” they are short, and truly help with the mindset of safety.
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  3. Hello life

    Hello life Newcomer

    Thank you for your response post and I will look further into this and your roadmap. I am definitely afraid that I will be stuck in this pain again. I am in general an anxious person and look at the bigger picture too much.


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