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My sister is having yellow teeth

Discussion in 'Community Off Topic' started by PatrickForbes, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. PatrickForbes

    PatrickForbes Newcomer

    My sister is facing the problem of obesity. She loves to eat junk foods. She has two kids and they are very naughty. She is fed up of going behind them. She used to eat a lot before delivery. And now she has put on weight. She is not able to control her diet. Her husband advised her to go to the gym but the problem is that she can't manage it due to her kids. Now I'm staying with her due to my project works and she has joined the gym. Also, she has started to control her diet. Recently, she noticed that her teeth have got color differences. It was shocking for her and she was trying to hide her smile. Now she has decided to take an appointment with a dentist in Brampton to solve this issue. I have heard about composite resin fillings are the solution for these type of problems. But also heard that the composite resins contain a compound that affects a patient's body with problems like asthma, obesity and breast cancer. Does anyone has gone through this same situation? If yes, share your views.

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