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Moving pain initiated by memory of trauma?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Knut, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Knut

    Knut New Member

    Hiya, I just had some thoughts and revelations lately...

    I used to have a problem with my achilles, in that I could not wear shoes or put any pressure on it, in fact, I had to wear sandals for 2 years (and I live in Scandinavia). I also had some bouts with extreme neck tension, and during the same time I had the neck tension I remember my achilles was particularly bad. I also had some problems sleeping because I felt that I had some kind of insects in my bed that would bite my skin at night.

    The achilles problem was only in my left foot. I also incidentally had a injury to my artery in my throat on the left side of my body when I was a teenager, which resulted in a pretty bad trauma for me. The memories of this injury have always stayed with me, and sometimes I can get very afraid when I feel pain in my left side of the throat, or have the taste of blood in my mouth.

    Exactly one year ago, I was sitting on a plane about to land, and I was already in a state of high anxiety and muscular pain all over the body because I believed I was sick, something just felt wrong all over. I remember as the plane was about to land, I felt an extremely sharp pain in my throat at the point where I had the injury, and a lot of pressure. It was an excruciating pain, and I thought that now my throat is for sure going to burst open.

    Now, 12 months later, I still have pains in the entire left side of my body, from left chest muscle to behind shoulder blade, to down into the arms and fingers and palm of hand. (moving from day to day, waxes and wanes). Some days it's almost like I can trace a line from the point in my throat throughout the entire left side of my body, where it reaches all the way past the buttocks and into the sole of my foot and toes. I got on and off sciatic pains, on and off tightness and soreness in left palm, and chest muscle. Of course it crosses over to the right side sometimes.

    It's very odd and peculiar that I can trace the pain from the point in my throat where I had the trauma, all through the muscles on the left side. It also belongs to the story that I swallowed a fish-bone while I was in the Ecuadorean jungle, which got lodged exactly on the same spot that I had my injury on the artery. I went into a high anxiety state back then, as the pain when I turned my head triggered memories from the injury. The natives in the area spoke of the bone that I got in my throat as a "curse" that someone or something had put there.

    When I finally managed to remove the fish bone, some 2 weeks later, it was the shape of a snake's forked tongue. The native family who helped me remove it eyed it very suspiciously and told me it was a "bone of bad spirits", and that I had to go dig it down outside of the property.

    Surely, this "bone of bad spirits" lodged itself in a most unfortunate space, and ever since then, it has been quite disturbing to think about the coincidence of it all, and that now I somehow feared that this fish bone "damaged the nervous system" on the left side of my body. Metaphorically, I also view the whole story of the Curse of the Fishbone, to not necessarily be a Curse at all, but an invitation to step into the light, knowing that whatever "curses" the Universe conjures up on me, it is in my power to revert it by not giving into the fear, thus transforming the experience into a blessing, if you like.

    The persistent problems I had with my achilles are no longer persistent, but move all around the leg.
  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Knut,
    This all makes sense to me that you have had truama and memories, and that these particular places in your body stir up symptoms. The more you learn this about yourself, and see the patterns, accept them as best you can, the less they will be activated, I believe. Good luck in this.
    Andy B

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