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Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by karenmCAT, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. karenmCAT

    karenmCAT New Member

    hey, day one...hopeful but having trouble believing because I read all three Dr Sarno books and even though pain decreased, it came back this past weekend with a vengeance in my lower back and legs. I intellectually grasp the TMS explanation but I'm having trouble subconsciously. So here I am, Day one.
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  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Just carry on with day 2 - and 3 - and 4!! Your body will try and hoodwink you - it will try and get your attention to your pain - instead of your recovery. Be strict and turn your attention elsewhere...
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  3. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    karenmCAT im glad your on day 1 - I read all sarnos books and still had an awesome time doing the program
    it helped me keep my mind on the psychological and I really dug into a lot of repressions I hadn't dealt with yet
    of course after journaling for six months to start with and hitting on many repressions that would give me tension release
    there was something special about being guided through the SEP program- it just taught me a lot more ya know
    1 thing was the conscious -unconscious repressions, like even though id forgiven a family member for an argument we had
    I still had it buried in my unconscious in unforgivness- while doing the program I had a dream that alerted me to this inner anger
    the next day I got up and journaled about it once again and this time I filled about 4 sheets of anger out
    then I soothed myself with some good meditation and a nagging pain that had a hold on me released
    now I have lots of storys like that , that came from going through the SEP program.
    You should really enjoy your journey, at first I thought well how much more can I learn and by day 4 - I was like
    I really have more repression than I ever would have thought-
    I remember reading how Steveo read Sarnos book a gazillion times and it struck me that I would benfit to keep on learning till
    it became second nature-
    im still learning new and exciting things everyday and I know this is for a better and healthier life
    I wish you the best....
    oh and 1 more thing if you don't mind , how long have you been learning Sarnos books
    hes got lots of exciting things to talk about especially when we know it works
    I healed pretty quick from the onset of learning Sarnos method but I think it was about a month or 6 weeks in when it ( the pain ) came back with a grip hold
    when I went back to it and began again and kelp my expectations on recovery I came through real good....
  4. James59

    James59 Well known member

    I had some small, but noticeable improvement my first week, than an irritating event sent me crashing down. But it did help confirm that my problem is TMS and nothing physically broken. So now I'm building on that. Give it time to "sink in" as Dr. Sarno advises. It takes time to unlearn established negative habits of thought. Emerge gently.
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  5. karenmCAT

    karenmCAT New Member

    Thanks so much. I appreciate the encouragement. I started an "Evidence Sheet" writing situations that the pain changes (increases or decreases) and it is helping me to stay focused and to pinpoint those events that impact the pain. Having a day to day program is also helping me to stay focused. Again, thanks for the encouragement, doubt and fear are hard to let free.
  6. karenmCAT

    karenmCAT New Member

    Thanks so much for sharing...you sound like me. My repressed anger if due to family member issues. Funny, I can intellectually understand the cause and effect here but I can not subconsciously let if go. Just reading your post gives me hope. I started Dr. Sarno's books in March and I started to get some relief. I went from all kinds of treatments (PT, acupuncture, chiropractor, injections, traction, anti-inflammatory drugs and the list goes on) and nothing worked. Then I read Dr. Sarno's books and I went from a 9-10 pain to a 1-5 depending...then BAM, I had an episode of pain that basically incapacitated me and I realized I needed more help with TMS. Since my day one here I am back to 1-5. What I have come to accept is that my emotional abuse stemming from my father isn't really from the most recent disagreement with him but actually was there from my earliest memories. I think I've got some deep psychological repression and i'm hoping this program and like you said, the journaling, will help.
    Thanks again for sharing, like I said, your story sounds similar to mine in some ways, and that in itself is comforting and encouraging. I wish you the best too!
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  7. karenmCAT

    karenmCAT New Member

    Thank you James! Emerge gently...I like that. I'm so eager to be over this pain and I am physically fit so it is exasperating not to be able to be active for over a year! I just started on day one keeping an "Evidence Sheet" which is a list of events that change the pain (either increase or decrease it) which keeps me focused that I have TMS. For example I can be walking perfectly fine and as soon as I have to go into the grocery store I experience excruciating pain...WTH!!! Intellectually I know that it's because I'm fearing a confrontation with my father but I can not shake it. I'm hoping that my Evidence Sheet will help me stay focused and my subconscious will let the rationale sink in...
    I appreciate your words of encouragement and for your sharing. I hope that you are pain free today and always.
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  8. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    KarenCAT, when the subconscious is programmed by trauma, guilt or fear - its all conditioned emotions attached to your thoughts subconsciouly
    but when you keep going through the program daily and keep holding your head up and showing your conscious thinking that your going to win
    this battle no matter what, then the good emotional conscious thinking will be picked up by the subconscious and in time change will occur-
    just do your best to have good emotions attached to your evidence sheet and get excited each time you look and know change is occurring
    you should come along just fine....
    Remember-we cant always be on cloud 9 but we can make every effort to - then the law of habit will sink in and better days will arrive.

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