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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by mbo, Apr 27, 2023.

  1. mbo

    mbo Well known member

    Are food intolerances just that: defensive reactions by our primitive brain in front of perceived danger?
    Are just another form of the TMS phenomenom? Are equivalents of TMS?
    And what about allergies? Are extreme presentations of intolerances? Are just protective reactions by our fearful brain in front of (real or supposed) danger (dust, pollen, humidity, gluten, lactose,...)?
    Is fear the main culprit of intollerances ? Allergies?
    I wonder if the real solution requires to calm our fearful, hyperprotective, primitive brain.
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes. Yes. and Yes. All of the above.

    True allergies (not the same as "intolerances", which I believe are 100% psychosomatic - aka TMS) are an inflammatory response - and sometimes that response can be clearly seen and even measured.

    HOWEVER - everyone knows, even the traditional medical system knows this: that allergies are made worse by stress. Everyone also knows that the other inflammatory conditions - such as asthma, autoimmune conditions (like RA, which I have) and heart disease, are made worse by stress.

    Many people in their Success Stories, over many years, have reported that their allergies also disappeared along with their other TMS symptoms - even when they hadn't thought of their allergies as TMS.

    People who are discovering TMS theory for the first time are constantly trying to draw a clear line between "This" is TMS - but "This Other Thing" is not TMS. This is just a distraction, it's not helpful, and it gets in the way of recovery.

    Even when you are dealing with a so-called "real" injury or illness (a broken bone, let's say, or a bacterial infection) the average person assumes that the experience of the patient is very clear-cut - but it is not! The amount of suffering they experience, the way that they respond to treatment, and the time it takes to recover, are all HEAVILY influenced by the mental and emotional outlook of the patient. Health care professionals already know this, and the best ones, and the best facilities, take this into account during treatment.

    Unfortunately, the wider health care industry still won't acknowledge that stress can cause inflammatory illness.
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  3. theacrobat

    theacrobat New Member

    You might want to take a look at my success story. Basically, I was intolerant to almost everything and almost starved to death. It was all distraction, completely resolved with TMS methods. Ask yourself, did anyone even have food intolerances 100 years ago? Even I a green around the gills millennial can recall a time when I had never even heard of intolerances as a 'thing'. Seems to have become a lot more popular since about 2010.
    https://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/recovery-from-back-pain-foot-pain-stomach-pain-intolerances-possible-severe-autoimmune-disease.26991/ (Recovery from back pain, foot pain, stomach pain, intolerances, possible severe autoimmune disease)
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