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I know it is TMS

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by lodownin, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. lodownin

    lodownin New Member

    Hello, this is my first post but wanted to put it out there with what I have experienced for 16 months. I started having low back pain at 28 with no other symptoms previously. The low back started to get better until left SI joint/hip pain showed up in July ‘17 followed by heel pain shortly after (in both feet). These symptoms only hurt with pressure (sitting/standing). As you can imagine, I’ve done it all (massage, SI/facet injections, chiropractor, cryotherapy, PT at 3 locations, epidural injections, ice/heat, TENS, foam rolling and stretching). Nothing helped. Was diagnosed with AS in Jan. ‘18 and none of the meds or biologicals helped either (tried Enbrel, Humira and Cosentyx). Nothing helped. With that being said, I read all of Sarno’s books and have been working with a TMS coach for a couple months. I was on every page of Healing Back Pain. I was doing much better the past couple weeeks but feel like I’m stuck now as the pain is coming back. I review the daily reminders and have stopped all meds and going to all doctors. I also returned to all physical activities as well including running and golf. I know this is a journey but was looking for guidance on my next steps to push through. Thank you.
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  2. Sofa

    Sofa Well known member

    Hi lodown. I'm in a similar spot.. Is your pain acute, or just "everpresent"? Mine is everpresent, but worst when I'm confined to a spot, like in an airplane or driving a car. It's just like massive tension in the low back that came on gradually and has never left. I've also (like you) just recently returned back to full speed on workouts and not limiting myself anymore. Physical activity seems to help. I got an "ab-doer 360" lol. The twisting motion is of great relief but only temporary... I also got an "inversion table", which was terrible and uncomfortable. Waste of money, sadly.
    I would also be interested to hear guidance from people on next steps. Good first post by the way above^^^^

    PS - you mentioned golf. I play a lot of golf and have a good suggestion for you. Google "orange whip". It's a flexible swing trainer that feels awesome to swing in the back yard. It REALLY stretches out your core because the end of it is weighted. You can buy the cheap knock off version and save a lot of money too.
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  3. lodownin

    lodownin New Member

    Everpresent. I'm in a good spot as long as I'm moving. When I stand (heels kill me). When I sit (hip kills me). I'm fine when I golf other than my heels bothering me from standing on the course.

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