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I got PGAD

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Jane.Fearless, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. Jane.Fearless

    Jane.Fearless New Member

    Hello i am new :) I want to share my story with you (it will take time) in the hope that I can find some support and the right way for me.

    I have been a hypochondriac for years, have obsessive-compulsive disorder and panic attacks. A few years ago I saw a report on Pgad on TV and was always scared over time if I was sexually aroused for no apparent reason (which is perfectly normal) Known illness since I never googled. I only knew of spontaneous orgasms, a constant excitement that does not go away when you are satisfied and that you do not know the cause of it and that it is very uncomfortable for those affected.
    Whenever I was scared at irregular intervals, I was able to deport them well.

    Until December 27, 2019. I had a long episode of strong fears, compulsions and panic attacks and I was just a little bit better.
    I suddenly had a feeling of sexual excitement in my clitoris when I was just cutting my dog's claws ... I immediately thought, "What's going on here? Do you remember this disease called Pgad? ”And became nervous. I tried to calm myself down, but that didn't work, so I thought I could just google it and find something that calms me down. LOL !!!

    I didn't stop googling that day, let a connection to RLS make my legs tingle on the same day, I found a forum for those affected the same day and read EVERYTHING. All the symptoms these people have, studies that no cause or cure is known, that many people kill themselves, etc.

    the symptoms got worse, I had an uncomfortable feeling of sexual arousal in my clitoris, my entire abdomen. My legs tingled incredibly bad ...
    I signed up in forums and obsessively read EVERY 5 weeks, I really spent 9 hours a day working on Pgad. My symptoms got worse and worse, but sometimes they just went away for a couple of hours even though I was concerned.
    My psyche went crazy at the same time. i panicked, depression a feeling of hopelessness, nobody will be able to help me, i will have it forever, i will lose my life at some point !!

    I was in a deep mental hole (and still am).
    then I met a user from here who had psychological Pgad a few years ago. I am at one point believing that it could be psychological.

    Now I'm here because I'm just starting my journey. I have developed numerous symptoms in the past few weeks, some have gone away like tingling in my legs, some have stayed, some have disappeared for minutes, hours or days and come back.

    I notice when I am relaxed and take the path of TMS, I feel better, but the skepticism comes back quickly ... then I fall again ... sometimes it triggers symptoms, sometimes not. whenever i think i find a pattern it gets messed up again so i'm so confused and scared that i almost despair.

    the only things I can explain that could have triggered it: in August I stopped taking the birth control pill after over 8 years. I quit smoking 3 days before it all started (I started again) and 6 weeks before the symptoms I got a UTI that I was terrified of and huge pain although the infection was not that bad.

    I am happy about every thought, every idea, every tip! feel free to rate my story, tell me what you think where it could come from. I am very skeptical whether it really is TMS
    Feel free to ask me everthing you want.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2020

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