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Hand extensors pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by emporeon027, Aug 6, 2021.

  1. emporeon027

    emporeon027 Peer Supporter

    Hi. Long time. I'm being doing better but o got covid and after it s Lot of symptom inperactive but everything was just TMS. Still i woke up this morning free pain and when i standed up i puch myselft from the bed wihr My hand and i felt sharp pain over My hand in the metacatpal regiĆ³n. Still for Me any numbness in the hsnd or ramdon pain is tms. Comes and goes but goes most of the time for good. I Lay down on puch up position and hurts every time. But most of the time that i'm not puching anything wiht that hsnd doesnt hurt like that. Still right nos i'm feeling a Lot of sensations ij the hands that are TMS. But not this one. It could be TMS as well? Or a real i jury? And how in the world could that happened? I havent fall or anythint like that. Thanks and also i have some pains in the down forarm. But again from My experience looks like TMS. Also i can move the hand in any position but only hurts if i put presure on it's like puch position in the floor not agains a wall

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