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Half off Curable App for TMS Today

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by lauraseago, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. lauraseago

    lauraseago Peer Supporter

    Hey everyone,

    Hopefully by now, you've heard about Curable, the TMS app... wanted to share with the group that it's currently half off the price of a 2018 annual subscription ($3.99/month for the full year vs. $7.99/month for the full year).

    The promo only lasts through today, so if you're planning to sign up, best to do it now!

    The app offers pain science audio lessons (which go through a combination of Sarno's work and modern neuroscience research), and tons of guided mediations, visualizations, and other exercises designed specifically for TMS sufferers.

    To redeem the offer, just click here at anytime today and subscribe. If you already have an account with Curable, make sure you're signed in with your existing email and password before you checkout. No coupon code necessary, the discount should be applied automatically.

    Hope this can help serve as a good supplement to all of you in your TMS journey!
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