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Got to 80 -90% but symptoms keep shifting

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by CarboNeVo, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. CarboNeVo

    CarboNeVo Well known member

    Hey guys,
    I guess I was one of those luckier ones who read Sarno's book + few success stories on TMS and got immediate relief in few days, basically I was dealing with extreme pain in my pelvic area.. I had really hard time sitting. I was even suicidal at times.. My pains greatly improved, some of them completely disappeared.
    HOWEVER, no matter how hard I try I still suffer with relapses and shifting symptoms. For instance I go days virtually without any pains and then the pain return on different location (mostly in the pelvis) and frankly I am getting a bit discouraged.
    Guess it's the A-type pattern that I want everything to be 100% but it's been around 6 months and I have not succeeded to eliminate those flareups/ shifting symptoms.
    For instance yesterday I was having a rather severe pain on the right side of my pevlis, butt/buttcheek extending to my thigh... Today? all that pain is gone! now I am getting similar pain on the left side.. I have no single doubt this is TMS, however I have the doubt that I will ever get rid of those shifting symptoms.. I am trying to take things easy and not desperate as this won't help with TMS, however I'm a bit feeling that Im running out of options.. would really appreciate some advise from a TMS veteran..
    What should I do next? I know Sarno's book helped me only because it gave me a confidence that there's nothing serious structural going on.. which in it's turn reduced the fear on the symptoms.
    I am a bit desperate how to proceed next? I have been trying to follow those two approches:
    1- Alan Gordon's outcome independence (basically not giving a fuck about the symptoms)
    2- @ezer 's way of feeling emotions on physical level and trying to stay in present - not going down the negative lines of thinking..

    However, these things work when I am relaxed not dealing with stresses, then things flareup again and I feel like i'm back to square one.. then things once again disappear and I am fine.. honestly, feeling a bit that I have absolutely no control over this..
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi CNV,

    I think your experience is pretty common, and this is the point at which people will want to find a unique combination of techniques which work for them.

    If you haven't yet done the SEP, that's a a good place to start, because it introduces you to all kinds of resources and techniques.

    Personally, I think it's important to accept that the TMS mechanism is an inherent part of our primitive brains, a rather ineffective survival mechanism that you can learn to control when it occurs, as it will continue to do. The secret to recovery is to establish a completely different relationship with your symptoms when they occur, and banish them quickly with the techniques that work for you.

    Here's what works for me whenever I have symptoms:
    1. Listen to the negative messages from my brain, and talk back to it with constructive counter-messages.
    2. Figure out what is going on in my subconscious - perhaps journal or do some free-writing to bring it out
    3. Exist in the present, let go of the past, don't obsess about the future
    4. Stop. Breathe. Unclench. Repeat frequently.

    I think that a state of mindfulness is needed to achieve the above. At least a temporary state of mindfulness, which is all I can yet achieve! But even a few minutes here and there is surprisingly helpful.

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  3. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Dr. Sarno said that if the symptoms continue to shift that it might be a good time to seek a good TMS therapist. Dr. Miller told me the same thing. I still believe you can do this on your own, but the decision for therapy is all up to you. Fear is the reason for the needed diversions.

    Work on your fear only, never on healing. Try not to get pulled down too many rabbit holes with different information. The "seeking" is in itself TMSing (avoidance through obsession) and avoiding healing. Get on the TMS path and stay there, don't doubt yourself even if you have a relapse. But if you're doing the wrong things it gets murky and nebulous. You can't stay on the wrong path and get to the right destination.
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