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Day 1 From the back to the neck and back again

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Strappy7626, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Strappy7626

    Strappy7626 New Member

    In my case, I acknowledged the fact that it was TMS the minute I heard Howard Stern speak about Dr. Sarno 15 years ago. It took me 2 years to figure out that the physio and the x-rays, MRI's and cat scans were all for not. After reading his first book, 4 chapters in no less, I was pain free! After completing his 2nd publication I was sure I had it licked. A few set backs over the last 15 years has reminded me that we're never done evaluating ourselves and that we should be constantly "listening" and aware of what are bodies are telling us.
    I recently had a flare up in a new spot for me, my neck. I've never experienced such spasmodic pain in my life. I immediately attributed it to TMS and went about talking and reasoning the pain away. Unfortunately I must be out of practice because I am still feeling twinges even after 24 hrs. This has led me to the tmswiki and the SEP. I am hoping that I can gain some new insights and relearn how to control the anger and fear that brought me here.
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  2. TheWayBackUp

    TheWayBackUp Peer Supporter

    It's nice to hear about how well you did before! I am sure you will find what you need in the SEP program to help you with your current situation. Welcome!
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  3. srton

    srton Well known member

    YESSSS I couldn't agree more - we are never done evaluating ourselves and that we need to constantly be "listening"
    I have a feeling that this will be a lifelong journey for me. My TMS personality is strong and if I don't "listen" I immediately revert back to a place of avoidance and glossing over my feelings. It's crazy how hard it is to fight your tendencies -- but I'm so thankful for this program and all members for sharing their struggles and accomplishments!

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