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Eye pressute/pain and arm problems

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Diana_D, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. Diana_D

    Diana_D New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone have an eye pressure/pain in one eye as a part of TMS. Mine started about 8 years ago, on an off, sometimes on and off through the day. It is usually paired with weakness in left arm and fingers.

    Here is my short story:
    • Symptoms: Since 2005: right lower abdominal pain, right lower back pain, feeling of weakness/numbness in my left arm/hand, tension headaches/migraines. Since 2013: left eye pain/pressure often paired with weakness/numbness in left arm and fingers. I also experience anxiety, brain fog, and OCD.
    • Onset: 2005 and newer symptoms since 2013. Current presentation: Left eye pain/ arm feeling "tired" are there almost all the time, often on and off throughout the day, experience them every day and do not go away.
    • Diagnosis: I have had lots of tests throughout the years– blood work, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasounds, laparoscopy, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, etc., but my doctors could not find anything wrong.
    Test results:
    • Neurological exams and my eye exams have been normal (I have myopia).
    • 2 EMG tests have been normal and borderline normal.
    • Neck MRI has been normal.
    • Brain MRIs throughout the years show a few white spots on MRI, nonspecific. They are typical and expected in people with migraines.
    • Recently seen by MS specialist/neurologist and she examined me and reviewed my MRI scans. She does not think I have MS.
    I would appreciate if you share your thoughts/experience.

    Thank you so much!
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    When I was a child, that was my main TMS symptom. The eye pressure would build up and it would become a full blown migraine... difficulty seeing, nausea and occasionally vomiting. That was actually John Sarno's problem as well, if you read his books.

    I have had UPPER diaphragm tms pain. I think when it chooses a spot, it usually does so on our likelihood to get good and obsessed about it. My Diaphragm pain came after I had an attack of real gall bladder discomfort (partied on fried food) . My doctor told me to take it out. Not having 10k lying around, I thought I'd change my diet and wait. I also read up and found many people with gall bladder discomfort get it removed and still have the discomfort.


    With a clean bill of health like that It's probably safe to assume it's TMS. What was going on in your life when the symptoms started?
  3. Diana_D

    Diana_D New Member

    Thank you very much for your response!

    It is a very long story, but yes, there were a lot of things going on in my life when the symptoms started? I moved to the US in 2003 (I am originally from a small country in Eastern Europe). I met my husband here (he is the same nationality like me) and we got married in 2004. Unfortunately I was not able to practice my profession here, because back then I didn’t know English very well, and also my education was not recognized in the US. All the studying and 11 years spent in the University were FOR NOTHING. That made me really sad and disappointed. Back then we were living with my in-laws in a very stressful environment.

    The symptoms started shortly after my daughter was born in 2005 and with the time, there were more and more symptoms adding on. Then I had my son in 2009, and at the same time my grandparents whom I loved tremendously, both died from cancer. They were the people who raised me and I couldn’t even say good-buy to them. I was feeling emotionally numb for a long time. Like “feeling nothing at all”, like all my initial feelings of sadness, guilt, anger, emptiness had been repressed deep inside me.

    In my situation, the symptoms were/are always at the same spot–right lower back pain, right lower abdominal pain, left arm, left eye, etc. This made me think (for years!) that there was something structurally wrong which was causing the symptoms. I was introduced to Dr. Sarno's concepts about 10 years ago and I’ve read all of his books. I truly believe in his theory. He was a brilliant doctor and an amazing thinker. He was way ahead of his time. But in my case, I was worried that I might not have TMS, because it doesn't move around like others. And I couldn’t find enough people with conditions precisely like my own.

    Maybe the common thread is that we are still focused on the pain, on the symptoms?! In my case, this brings a huge anxiety, distress and fear of what might cause the symptoms. “What if…” kind of thinking. I am preoccupied with the symptoms, which brings more fear, and here I am – “in a vicious circle”.
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