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Extremely itchy scalp

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by eskimoeskimo, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. eskimoeskimo

    eskimoeskimo Well known member


    This has been going on for years, but I'm just recently recognizing how bad it really is. My scalp gets extremely itchy, especially along the hairline across the back of the neck. I have to shampoo at the very least every other day or it can keep me up through the night, and it's never itch free. After a few days it does get visibly red and irritated in the areas that itch, and not just from the scratching which I do resist. I have tried all sorts of things, every kind of dandruff shampoo, with every one of the mainstream active ingredients, coal tar, salicylic acid, antifungals, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, tea tree oil, baking soda, no shampoo regimens, scalp massage, and a million other things. Sometimes I thought some of these things might have been helping a tiny bit, but looking back there have never really been any significant changes.

    I don't know if it's dandruff, sebhorreic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, I have no idea if it's related to stress, TMS, or maybe exacerbated by TMS, or what. I don't typically have any other itching or skin issues apart from my scalp. This issue is far from my primary concern these days, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this symptom - TMS or not (and I'd like to hear opinions about this too) - and if anyone has any suggestions for dealing with it.

    Thank you as always,
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  2. Katy Elise

    Katy Elise New Member

    Hi there Eskimo,

    I have scalp itching and have had for a long time (I also itch in other areas of my body at times as well). I am positive it is TMS because it moves around, and once I scratch an area, another area will start to itch. I've been working on accepting the itch and not trying to change it, but some times I just have to scratch! At least know you're not alone :)
  3. eskimoeskimo

    eskimoeskimo Well known member

    Hi Katy. Thanks for writing. I'm not sure if my scalp issues are TMS or not. There is visible redness, and I don't obsess over it too much (in contrast to my other symptoms), so maybe it's just a thing I've got. Maybe it's made worse by general stress? I don't know. I can definitely understand how itching could be TMS, but in this case I just don't know. Does anything help you with yours? Wishing you well
  4. Katy Elise

    Katy Elise New Member

    Since so many skin conditions are TMS I would highly suspect yours is as well or at least is related.
    I actually posted about my intense itchiness a couple weeks ago because it was so bad! There's nothing like a bad itch. Honestly, telling myself it was TMS every time I wanted to scratch it helped even if the short-term it was still itchy, and doing a little more research on the psychological basis for skin issues and itchiness seemed to lessen its intensity; it even went completely away for a few days! You might want to check out this guy's site and articles: http://grossbart.com/picking.html (Stress and Emotions - Skin Treatment and Help) His book is also viewable on this website and may have a section that fits your particular symptoms.

    Just like any other TMS symptom it's important we cultivate nonreactivity towards it to take away its power. Easier said than done of course, but luckily we don't have to do it all at once.
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  5. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I am still learning stuff 21 years into this voyage.

    A lot of time I am on the forum and read other peculiar things (itching in this case) and look back and realize I was 'falling for it' and not aware it was TMS.

    I too have a spot on the nape of my neck that I am always itching. I have thought it was sunburn or a rub from my respirator strap... but now that I reflect on eskimoeskimo 's post, like my leg itchy spot, it only tends to bug me when I am under pressure at work or in a game. It had been around for years.

    It is peculiar, but now totally believable that the same mechanism that can cause pain could cause this... I remember when I was in pain I used to say stuff like "It feels like broken glass under my skin" or "It feels like a jewelers rasp grinding up and down my leg".... well for a mechanism like that, plain old itchy is a walk in the park, huh?

    The more of these little demons that get outed as TMS, the more I turn inside and do the "what is bugging me that I am unaware of?"

    It's always hidden in something I am 'OK' with... but on closer inspection I was only 'ok' with it because I am trying to focus on being a good person, a good boss, a good neighbor,etc,etc,etc.

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