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Exciting News for Broader TMS Awareness...

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by lauraseago, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. lauraseago

    lauraseago Peer Supporter

    Many of you have heard of and/or tried our online program Curable, which is based on Dr. Sarno's methods. One of our primary goals in creating this app was to bring this approach to the forefront of the national conversation, and help make the mindbody approach that Dr. Sarno pioneered the norm rather than the exception.

    Last week, we took an exciting step in that direction, and were featured on the front page of TechCrunch in a heartfelt piece written by a very reputable journalist. We weren't actually interviewed for this article, which is why he doesn't dive into much detail about the approach. However, he does stand firmly on its legitimacy, and uses other more 'familiar' terms to describe the gist of it.

    This article alone does not explain TMS in full, but what we have seen so far is that it's piqued curiosity and started a real conversation about it. It's a fantastic "legitimizer" for the folks who quickly dismiss the approach as fringe or unproven. We are seeing a lot more open-minded folks reach out to us about this. It's also been a huge conversation starter with doctors who BELIEVE these principles, but have never heard of Dr. Sarno.

    Here's an excerpt:

    "The app is, appropriately, called Curable. Its treatment program is based on the (thoroughly scientifically grounded) notion that chronic pain tends to slowly rewire the brain to “perpetuate the feeling of pain” — and that this neurological sensitization to pain can be undone, in whole or in part, via mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. Its founder and CEO, John Gribbin, fought lower back pain for fifteen years himself before overcoming it with this technique.

    It may sound odd that cognitive techniques can overcome and eliminate real physical pain, but there is an sizable amount of hard science behind this, which Curable users are walked through. Lest you think this is a goofy fringe approach, the Mayo Clinic offers a similar multidisciplinary pain program, wherein “chronic pain, unlike the acute variety, [is] treated as a malfunction in perception, whether or not an ongoing physical cause [has] been identified” (7) … for $40,000 (not to mention an extended stay in Arizona, Florida or Minnesota). Curable, by contrast, is free at first, and ultimately charges all of $5 a month."

    I don’t want to pretend that it will be a panacea for every chronic pain sufferer. It won’t. But I can tell you that in the two months since my wife started using it, she has gone from 18-20 migraine days a month to one or two. Yes, you read that correctly. She has resumed drinking wine, eating chocolate, running and lifting weights, napping, casually booking cross-country & transcontinental flights, and working long, strenuous attorney hours again. We have an appointment with her neurologist later this month … for a friendly dinner, because it doesn’t look like we’ll be needing his professional services much anytime soon."

    Here's the full article:
    https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/08/curing-the-incurable/ (Curing the incurable)

    Please share with your networks if you feel inspired to do so :)
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

  3. Ines

    Ines Well known member

    I've never heard of this app. Does anyone use it from this forum? Does it help?
  4. lauraseago

    lauraseago Peer Supporter

    Hi @Ines ! Here are a couple of other posts on the forum with a similar question - here and here. And as always... if anyone using the app has feedback to add, we'd love to hear it, so feel free to add your comments!
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  5. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    $40,000 for "perception malfunction" treatment at the Mayo Clinic. Good grief...

    I finally read the full article at Tech Crunch, which is really well-presented, and I want to bump this thread :D

    Congratulations, Curable!
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  6. andy64tms

    andy64tms Well known member

    I read the whole article as well. There is nothing like a cell phone app for keeping up with the pace of progress. It should do very well. At first I thought this app was for monitoring purposes, and it prompted me to look for emotional monitoring devices. I was surprised, they are available.


    I need one of these to track my tenseness and give me zap when my stress reaches critical mass! The trouble is I really need to be self aware of what is going on.

    I don’t have an Iphone yet. This is what I wrote to another windsurfer when he wanted my phone number:

    “My wife and I are a couple of dinosaurs; we still have flip phones, partly because every time we investigate new phones we go onto stress mode. We really need to upgrade, as new phones are so beneficial, especially at our age. Presently we are on my son’s account for $20 month and use these phones only for family calls. Just to let you know in advance, I am not beholding to my phone like the rest of the world. I do not go into withdrawal symptoms when I do not have it, in other words I am normal!”

    When I finally do get an iphone this app will be the first one I load.
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