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Depression maybe need some help

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by emporeon027, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. emporeon027

    emporeon027 Peer Supporter

    Hi everyone I'm kinda on tears right now. Was hard for me to almost become pain free. But the way our by alan gordon actually opened my mind and make me see the mistakes that I was making. I have covid a almost two months ago. Was awfully but still was a mildcase. The symptoms inpruve a lot with the mind approach. I the last week's i was symptoms free. With some sensations here and there but nothing to worry about. Now I have a lot of thinness in my ches and a lot of fatigue. Im open to the possibility that this also could be due to neuropathways because all my test came fine. And inpruve a lot the last month. But it's back in a pretty bad flare up. Just when my pain has gone await. I can believe that I spend all those years in pain only to get free of it and fall with this long covid. I have saw a couple of post of people that says that in their cases was tms also. Even nicole have a whole episode of it in the podcast. But I'm getting depressed. I'm looking for ways to lead in to positive sensations but I don't enjoy anything anymore like i just want to give up everything. I have to go i. Another round of doctors and test and rule out everything and see if there it's not damage. But for now my lungs looks ok and my heart seems to be fine besides the chest sensation. But imo open to it but I just can say to myself right now that everything it's going to be ok.
  2. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    It is not very clear from your post what your current problem is. Is it covid, pain or depression? I cannot speak about covid, but I can address the other two issues.

    It is very common for depression to rise when pain goes away. I see posts on this subject at least once a week. This only means that your emotional problems are now exposed and you need to address them. It is very common for the pain to return from time to time. All this means that you need to continue working through Alan's program.
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