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Day 3 Day 3: exercise guidance please

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by David B, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. David B

    David B Well known member

    I have exercised since I was in high school and have been some form of athlete my whole life. I love physical movement. I love new exercises.

    I haven't worked out since November 18, the day I felt the twinge that turned out to be a blessing because it eventually led to medical proof that my pain comes from MBS.

    The most I have done is push slush from the driveway for a hour last weekend and carry some wood for the fireplace. Mostly I've just been getting back to living my life as normally as possible and very much still in the process of recovery.

    My pain can fly around like a hummingbird. From back to foot to ankle to hamstring to quad to knee to hip to belly button. Yesterday it even tried to jump to the left quad; bad move mind, the disc protrusion is on the right. Thanks for reinforcing this is not a disc issue :)

    So the question is when and how do I start to get back to exercise? Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

    Be well.
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  2. Ruth_L

    Ruth_L Peer Supporter

    I have the xboxone and have Just Dance 2014 & Zumba World Party. I started off with one song. I also have Nefitco interlocking mats in my living room to do dancing. I can now do a 20 min stint at a time.
  3. Ruth_L

    Ruth_L Peer Supporter

    I think we give ourselves TMS and there are these pathways from the brain to our sensitive spots. Recipe for disaster. I have given myself back pain, hip bursitis, overeating disorders, binge eating disorder, plantar fasciitis, being overweight. This is all me.

    I am learning to heal, to love myself, to let go of my pain. I am releasing the pain in my foot, I am releasing the pain in my leg, I am releasing the pain of overeating, I am releasing pain of stress, I am releasing all pains, all hurts, all deep seating pain crying to come out. You are loved. You are healing. You are loved you are healing.

    Your foot is healing. Your insides are healing. Your mind is healing. You are filling the black spots in your brain with healing and light. You are releasing your patterns, your negative patterns. You are feeling the universal love and tenderness, and light and goodness.

    You can do anything, you can be anything. You are wonderful. You are light.
  4. Dahlia

    Dahlia Well known member

    I think baby steps. Introduce a little at a time. As you are successful adding some that will increase your confidence in the diagnosis and encourage you to add a little more. If you add too much, back off, it's OK. Reassure yourself. Let it be for now and try again later. Be confident that you will get there but respect your body's pace of recovery.
  5. lauren4235

    lauren4235 New Member

    I agree that you have to start with baby steps, but you should start now if you aren't having too much pain. I think getting back into the exercise routine sends a signal to your brain and body that "OK, things are starting to get back to normal now!! I'm really okay!" I just finally tried to get back to exercise last week after a horrible episode of back & leg spasms and sciatica that started on Nov. 15th. I was nervous to try, but took the advice from new member "pingman" who said he went ahead and tried to jog and got relief from his pain. I started by going for a brisk walk, not my normal pace by any means, but faster than I had walked since this whole thing started. After a few days, I actually started to get relief from my calf pain. Yesterday, I hopped on the stationary bike and it went pretty well, so I am just about to go hop on the bike again now. Good luck! Just keep reminding yourself that you have a good strong healthy body and that you enjoy being strong and healthy.
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  6. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose Beloved Grand Eagle

    I am on the opposite spectrum of quickness or briskness. Some require flash-fast, whereas I require controlled deliberation in my motions. Belly dancing is the slight exception. While it can have some speed, it is most assuredly about controlled power. The most popular yoga is Power Yoga. My yoga is more Tai-Chi like in that I am conscious of my body in nearly microscopic attention. With each motion, I can allow any emotions to arise and drift out. Our bodies need the release that motion invokes. I can move fast, but I shut down emotionally if I do. For me, slow requires more effort. One more exception is Poi Spinning ... this looks fast, and can be, but it is still precision motion. Another aspect of slow is the chance to really turn inwards, to soothe and assure my body that it is safe and protected.

    Everyone has their own methods of finding release. I do not really consider my personal sessions 'exercise' in the usual form. I consider the sessions an exercise in patience and compassion.

    Some people come to yoga with the intention of losing weight. My response to that is this: losing weight is a by-product of the practice. The practice itself is the point.

    The same can be said of exercise. Fitness is a by-product. The real aspect is how we feel during and after the practice. Exercise not because you think you should ... exercise because it creates positive emotions. The rest just falls into place. It creates a positive cycle. Exercise-feel good-fitness-feel even better-exercise-feel really good-fitness-pure exuberance! This may be along the lines of not being outcome dependent.

    These bodies were designed to move us through this world in endless variations.

    Go. Have fun!

    with grace and gratitude,
  7. David B

    David B Well known member

    Thank you all for the encouragement. My big takeaway is to go to get back to being physical by using my heart wisdom That is what I call my real instinct or my spiritual instinct. This is not always the first thought that jumps to my head which can be just a pattern of thinking.

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