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Day 1

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by jlala, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. jlala

    jlala New Member

    Hello! I am brand new.... embarking on a journey that I hope will help me better understand all of the pain syndromes I have experienced in my life. I recently had some injections in my facial area..... dermal filler. This set off a reaction in my head that had me anxious and worried and CONVINCED that I did terrible damage to a nerve in my face. I had an MRI, and saw multiple doctors. Everyone (even medical doctors) agrees that I am having a traumatic reaction to the injections. The pain I feel is real -- pain in my head, neck, shoulders and teeth -- especially where I don't even have roots! I have pain at the injection site which is unheard of. I am also having a difficult time swallowing. Worries and fears about sinus issues started this chain of events. At any rate, I do now believe I am suffering from TMS. The pain is now in my throat, and the back of my neck. I am having a tough time swallowing at times and even feel pain behind my eyes. I feel as though touching and massaging one area of my face, neck or scalp moves the pain to a different area of my head. It's just so strange and very annoying!

    In the past, I have had periods where I have had bladder irritation and also pain in my arms and legs. Both episodes lasted several months. I worried and worried about the pain and stopped participating in life until I eventually realized there really was nothing serious wrong with me. It took a long time for me to feel convinced -- and lots of medical tests as well.

    So here I am again, with a brand new area of the body on which to focus. I understand how anxious I can be and, on an intellectual level, what is going on. Nevertheless, I can't seem to stop the pain. So that's my story. Oh, and I am in the helping profession where I counsel 30-40 people per week. I have had quite a difficult winter, dealing with family issues. I guess I don't pay a lot of attention to my own feelings as I am usually tending to the way others feel.
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  2. jlala

    jlala New Member

    Also, has anyone else experienced this type of pain? Do you think it will ever go away? It's been six weeks. :-(
  3. samantha

    samantha Peer Supporter

    Welcome! I am on day 33 in my recovery. The program works very well not only for pain relief, but also for self-awareness. A very helpful book that I read, along with the articles here is: "Pain Free for Life", by Scott Brady, MD. Looking forward to hearing about your journey!
  4. jlala

    jlala New Member

    Thank you for your support, Samantha. I have had a lot of therapy in the past but I think I need to focus on my issues on a daily basis.... not just once a week. I appreciate your input and I am looking forward to this journey!
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