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Could this be TMS?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by kkcarlton, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. kkcarlton

    kkcarlton Peer Supporter

    Hi folks,

    I am posting this for a friend. She is wondering if what she is dealing with could be TMS. I realize that nobody here can diagnose and she IS considering see a TMS doc, but just wanted to get an idea if it's even a possibility that the pain she is experiencing is TMS. Below is what she shared with me:

    I started with abdominal pain while living at my dads. I was still doing the HTMA ..eating a lot of meat , fats, boiled vegetables I could tolerate. When I first got sick I feared the abdominal pain I got from just eating veggies ...I was on a ketogenic diet in HTMA. Was feeling terrible and in one weekend I came out of keto vs going slowly out of it. All my tests again were negative for SIBO.. parasite..etc..I did have an upper endoscopy after I did that ( came out of keto ) and it showed gastritis and a stomach adenoma So that started the entire thing. Then left husband, moved to dad's ...a lot of trauma and abuse in the house. Fear entered there big time. My X husband noticed a huge difference in me. Pain in abdominal right upper quad ..felt like something was stuck... But actually...it started before that...at my dad's ..I was using infrared heat lamp and acupuncture, had amalgams removed..etc. Then it got worse Saw GI...upper and lower very good Then I demanded a Hida scan - results 20% ejection fraction ( low side ...slight weakend gallbladder..trouble ejecting bile). Had ultrasound guided endoscopy - crystal clear..his words..." It was pristine." So both he and surgeon believed it was my gallbladder. Had gallbladder removed. Woke up fearful in a lot of pain. Gave me tons of pain meds...got very bad nausea ..had to be admitted over night. Was not healing ..could barely eat The pain has worsened ever since. Have had multiple ER visits, cat scans of abdomen, abdominal ultrasounds, chest x-ray, lab work, MRI/MRCP of abdomen...all negative. They did not do secretin injected MRI /MRCP...to check sphincter of oddi. I also had a repeat HIDA scan...good flow of bile ..no issues.

    Anyway Pain is right upper quadrant under my right rib cage near my liver area. Some days it feels like burning the entire area, others like spasm, Other like something is stuck, other like pressure, squeezing, some days like pins and needles. It varies in intensity. It varies in extension..ie It starts at mid epigastric region and wraps around to right outer abdomen. Sometimes I feel like something is stuck in there. I bend over and I feel like sharp things in there. I go to sleep..wake up with either no or little pain..starts either with increased movement...and eating. I have with everything I put in my mouth fear it will hurt. It lasts all day. Both GI docs say it is inconsistent with sphincter of oddi disorder because it lasts all day and changes in description and location.

    Off and on also pain in my feet. Right knee at times but mostly daily bc I broke that leg. Both hips hurt..mostly right..I think bursitis ..left was diagnosed years ago.
    Again, I know we cannot diagnose here, but I was wondering if it's worth it to see a TMS doc since her issue is not structural. There is also trauma in her childhood, possible sexual abuse, not allowed to feel feelings, etc.

    Thank you!!!
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello - it sounds like your friend has had plenty of medical scans and interventions - with nothing to show for it. Has she read any of Dr. Sarno's books? If not, that's essential - I would say that without the initial book knowledge, it would be a waste of time to see a TMS doc. Even if the patient doesn't know how to accept the concept, they need to have knowledge of the concept. So at this point, that's the place for her to start.

    It was only upon reading The Divided Mind, that the light bulb went on for me, my mind-set started to change, and I started on a different path. I never bothered to see a TMS doc - I "saw myself on every page" (a common response), I "got" the concept, accepted my own self-diagnosis, and proceeded to get my life back.

    That being said, I did not have a history of trauma or abuse - just normal stuff that we all have because our human brains are still so primitive and focused on survival. Due to your friend's history, she might need some serious psychological intervention - preferably with a therapist that completely accepts the mind-body connection. There are some specific types of psychotherapy that are more effective than others when it comes to trauma and TMS, they are often discussed on this forum (where SHE needs to participate).

    The other book that comes to mind, is Dr. David Clarke's book "They Can't Find Anything Wrong". If that title doesn't resonate with your friend, I don't know what would!
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  3. Gigalos

    Gigalos Beloved Grand Eagle

    I can only add that her story sounds very much like TMS is her problem. Reading a TMS book herself is what will help her best. I endorse Jan's suggestions.
    I suggest you also think ahead about how to approach each other's journey when she decides to take the TMS-road. Things like progress envy, guilt or frustration may create tension between you two, so I suggest to discuss that first. Also be practical about how much you get involved in each others journey; it might become a distraction and serve up too much energy at times.
  4. LaRubia

    LaRubia Peer Supporter

    I’m experiencing the same issues. I have had it before and seen a Dr. for the pain under my right rib. Scans all can back fine. Did you friend ever find out the cause? TMS or not? I have seen this before in my body and I had chalked it up to being TMS brought on by anger and frustration. Since doctors could not find a cause. One doctor said it was gastritis and to eat fodmap. That tells me it’s stress. Anyway I’d love to hear if she found the cause.
  5. kkcarlton

    kkcarlton Peer Supporter

    Hi, she went to see Dr. Schubiner who confirmed that it's TMS. Hope this helps.

  6. LaRubia

    LaRubia Peer Supporter

    Thank you! It does help. I appreciate the reply.

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