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Consistent pain or conditionning?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Zuz, May 14, 2021.

  1. Zuz

    Zuz Peer Supporter

    I am stuck at the very beginning: i have tons of symptoms of tms but these never really bother me much going about my life. Can hurt , but are temporary and i don’t obsess about them.
    But i have one lower back pain which has been there for 21 years and is very limiting my life. I am sure all the fear in my brain perpetutes it so I started working on that.
    But my problem is being in Quebec, Canada and not having a physician who knows about tms help me tell me it’s not structural.
    So i still suspect a piece of it to be structural. On top of tons ofTMS.
    so I tried to treat it as non structural and failed completely with a worse flare up ever that of course builded up my fear :(. I am trying to auto diagnose but it’s hard.
    For a few years I noticed that if I kneel on one knee and not both ( while packing or light gardening) i end up stiff, completely crooked and it ends up with acute lower back pain. I noticed for 20 years that if I bend forward I can get the same acute back lower pain. My MRI have many things like the pinched nerf ( without damage like foot drop etc) that is the only part of the mri that still scares me ( all the rest not . Even if my family doctor was terrifying talking about i will paralyse if i lift something heavy).
    I am wondering is it a part that is structural? If yes , will it ever heal?
    Or is it just my brain who conditionned itself for kneeing on one knee = pain so ‘protects’ by muscle spasms, like a false alarm?
    How can one know?

    thank you

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