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computer nightmare causing postural problems: TMS or not?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by nowa minarden, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. nowa minarden

    nowa minarden New Member

    COMPUTER NIGHTMARE: an explanation and query about TMS
    I am afraid this post will be very negative, because I am so very stressed at the moment, and have been for the last 3 weeks. It began with my virgin email address being hacked, and I couldn't get into it to change my password. I then discovered that it was an 'orphan' account which is too complicated for me to explain, but it meant that at first virgin said they couldn't close it down, meaning that the hacker had access to all my accounts for the entire week that followed, until I discovered a post from somebody in a similar situation on a help site, although it was a very old post, I added to it, and miraculously, it took a day before it was closed down. the same day, every single password and account detail was stolen from my computer, and because of incredible complications, i permanently lost acces s to my facebook account, which I used to sign in to this forum, which is why i HAVE A NEW (slightly different) NAME

    Anyway, because I have had to try and change all the passwords on the hundreds of accounts which were linked to my virgin account, I have been stuck on the computer day and night for the last few weeks, which, (with no access to the email i had formally signed in with and no access to the original password) is a complete nightmare, which still carries on. I have had no exercise or fresh air for the last 3 weeks, and as a result, i have lost all my strength, and can hardly walk because my head forward posture is so awful that i can only walk bent double, and my eyesight is blurred and double. Plus i was so weak and tense that I fell over getting out of the bath, and broke a rib, So is this TMS OR is it caused by circumstances? and will my confidence come back, I am scared of everything and anything physical, because of the fall and because of my posture, and the new pain in my back?

    mY SLEEP is diisturbed over and over again with computer anxieties and when I close my eyes, i see a computer screen, I know I SHOULD HAVE STOPPED DOING ANYTHING ON THE COMPUTER but the hacker kept doing things that raised my anxiety.
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  2. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    Nowa, I am so sorry for your computer nightmare! Nightmare sounds like the right word to describe it too. I think your symptoms are TMS, except for the rib, of course. Having said that, I don't know, for sure, if you had any injury before your symptoms started. It doesn't sound like it, but you have had a TON of stress and no counterbalance of fresh air and fun activities. This is life sometimes and our brains hate it!! I don't want to be the grown up and fix all the grown up things! Our brains can't seem to convince ourselves to throw ourselves to the ground screaming and so it screams into our backs and energy and strength. I think you can do your TMS work and feel better. Three weeks has your system all jacked up. Hopefully now you can breathe. Alan Gordon has a new somatic tracking podcast on the forum and that might be a good place to restart. Nichole Sachs is also a good source. Good luck!!
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  3. nowa minarden

    nowa minarden New Member

    THANK you Lizzy! I can't spend any time on the computer atm, because it does my back in, but thank uou v much for your advice and encuragement. (where can i find the podcast? )
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  4. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    To find the podcast click on Alan's name in my post above and then click on "tell me about your pain+ Q and A. You will be sent to curable and there are other podcast episodes. You want "what is somatic tracking"
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  5. nowa minarden

    nowa minarden New Member

    thank you!!

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