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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by sanbenito, Nov 28, 2020.


Anxiety from poor nutrition and back pain

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  1. sanbenito

    sanbenito New Member

    Dear partners! Good morning to you

    I write here because I have suffered from chronic pain for 3 years since December 2017, in areas of my body, mainly in the quadratic lumbar area behind my back at mid-height areas of the ribs, I do not really know what factor led to this pain.

    In January 2016 I weighed 73kg with a fat percentage of 14 or 12% more or less, I began to train twice as much and eat much less
    Which generated a significant weight loss that left me at 62kg and also a lot of muscle and fat loss. This occurred until May 2016.
    Then in June 2016 I started the gym to recover by working with weights to stimulate the muscle, by December 2017 I had recovered to 66kg.

    All this I did to regain weight, demanding a lot from myself and not resting for a day to regain my weight.
    That same month in December 2017 pains appeared in my back on one side of my back But no pain from injury I could train and squat normally, only there was this strange pain that I cannot find an explanation for, it is like a silent pain that I have not been able to identify since then .

    I continued to train the deadlift gym etc until March 2018 but always with this pain, in April 2018 this began to worry me and I turned to the doctors who performed an MRI and everything went perfectly in my lumbar area, massages I even did acupuncture and it didn't help me either ... physiotherapy and it didn't help me either, blood tests to see if it was my kidneys and it didn't help me either.
    I started to research a lot about pain and what it could be, I even bought a book where he talks about pain as a response of the brain, where he says that the tissues are healthy but it is the brain in defense that causes little blood flow to reach the body and that produces chronic pain. In short, it gives me to understand that stress, discouragement etc produce this pain.

    As of today I am underweight and I have a diet with very few calories and to that I add that I train, do you think it can be the one with my pain? Being underweight and my brain perceives it badly. I had thousands of Chinese acupuncture MRI scans and everything went well, no problems.
    To this day since 2018 I train calisthenics, I stretch daily, I do mobility but there is no way to remove those pains.To this day my discomfort continues ... since I have tried to heal myself from all sides And I have not succeeded.

    Performing meditation, yoga, ETC all kinds of psychological therapy and none.
    Could it be that eating little being underweight creates stress on my body and my tissues and that causes pain to be generated?
    I am a 26-year-old person who always trains, eats healthy, I am active, I always move and the pain has never left me out of bed, despite having pain, I train and keep going. It is a rare pain not from injury but I touch my tissues and they hurt, I do not understand.
    You who think it could be because I've tried everything and nothing works

    Every day I do physical activity, I stretch 3 times a day for about 10-15 minutes and nothing helps.
    Thanks a lot!! Partner. I can't heal myself and this is torture.
    I have tried by all means and nothing, I do not know if it is of the mind, physical, food, I do not know what to do.

    Every day I wonder if my pain comes from my brain or is it really from my body, because I feel it physically, I can not decipher its meaning.




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