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Bruised Ribs and TMS

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Thebestwhey, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Thebestwhey

    Thebestwhey Peer Supporter

    Hey guys

    I dont so much have a question here BUT an update for those who have been dealing with rib issues

    I bruised/cracked ribs a month ago snowboarding and i am still experiencing pain... so the story

    I was told by the Mountain First Aid that it was bruised ribs and it felt like it. I took a few har falls and it honestly felt broken...
    2 weeks later the pain was still real bad so i got an x ray... No breaks but possibly a crack so small they couldn't pick it up. Now its going on 6 weeks and i still have pain

    So why am i posting this? Well I have noticed the pain going from my bottom rib, to my collar bone area to my chest so I got to thinking that it could be TMS. The hardest part to this for me is there is NO info on TMS and bruised ribs and there is NO real ways to heal other than "rest".
    So the last couple days I have been doing some more walking and a few minor activities and have been feeling ok and haven't had any lingering pain. I do notice that sleeping is still tough on my side so i do believe that I could still have some lingering bruising but i have come to conclude that the extra pain above and beyond some small discomfort is TMS and I was hoping this could be of help to some others in this position...
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