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Ben Gay- No Way?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Ted the Old, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Ted the Old

    Ted the Old New Member

    So I'm 57 and have ran about daily for 40 years. I've had various leg injuries, but no back pain beyond a day or two. 4 moths ago I got plantar's and went to PT. I was given therapy and eventually in soles. Then the in soles ruined my back. I mean I could barely walk, could not run, so I was swimming. Swimming is great but the chlorine was killing me. I needed an answer.

    Then I remembered Howard Stern talking about Dr. Sarno's book. Read it and it made sense. I am just starting my fifth week of running over the pain every day. It is much much reduced. I know it is in my brain as the pain kicks up once I tie on my running shoes, otherwise I am pain free.

    A couple of questions- the book is sketchy on what to think when the pain comes. I think about what I am angry about, but I am mostly past that. From this forum it looks like the newer advice is to ignore the pain, which actually seems to help. Is there any link here on this topic?

    Also, a narrow point: last week as a luxury I put on Ben Gay to relieve the pain prior to running. I think it made the pain worse, especially the next few days. I know the advice is to dump all PT, maybe the Ben Gay reinforced to my brain the pain was accomplishing something?

    Finally, to the woman who posted recently with plantar's, another way to run w/o pain is to wear two pairs of socks. I always did when I played b-ball to avoid heel pain. Never connected to doing it when running, but it solved the plantar's (although the book might have more of the credit?).
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  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Ben-Gay, extra socks... all acknowledging the realm of the physical... and of course if we go back to that thinking the TMS has had a little victory.

    There is nothing wrong with wearing extra socks if it is for comfort. If you think it is preventing TMS pain, then we are once again back at acknowledging a physical reason for the pain and it will persist.

    I don't know about 'ignoring the pain'. Usually when I get the very rare relapse it triggers a conditioned pondering. "Hmmm... I wonder why my brain thinks I need a distraction?" . Then I usually get lost in thought reviewing my personal relationships, my economics, my mortality.... and some time later I notice "Hey...that dumb pain went away"., I think by 'ignoring it' people might mean that they don't agonize over it or start the fear based "OMG...what do I do know?" thinking.

    As long as you can generate emotions, particularly ANGER, it's a good idea to do the interior review. Keep in mind, the answer isn't usually sitting right on top...sometimes it takes some postulating, evaluating. Talk to a TMS Bro, write something down. It always outs itself in the end.

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