Q&A: Can Celiac Disease be PPD/TMS?

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Can Celiac Disease be PPD/TMS?

Answer by Howard Schubiner, MD

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Howard Schubiner, MD

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There is a difference between food allergies/food-related diseases and food sensitivities. True food allergies can and do occur as with peanut allergy where someone can actually die from it. Celiac disease is a true food allergy or food-related disease. However, many people avoid gluten on the basis of tests that are suspect and many people notice that they get symptoms when they eat gluten which is due to a triggering effect/conditioned response mechanism as opposed to a disease process. The latter group of people should be treated as TMS. The former group should avoid gluten. It may be difficult to sort out which group certain people belong in, but that's the job of a good doctor.


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